Monday, July 20, 2015

Travels in Beautiful BC and Kenya

Hi everyone,

I trust you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead. I have a little of this and that to share with you today. It has been a busy time in so many ways.

My niece was here visiting me in Vancouver, British Columbia, all last week.  We had a very nice visit together and managed to make it out to a few scenic spots in town where we enjoyed the scenery and beaches, went to the movies, visited her brother and had a small birthday party with pizza and cake. She always looks forward to the birthday cake.

Downtown in the West end of Vancouver near Davie St.& Beach Ave. People everywhere were enjoying ice cream. There was a nice breeze at the beach.

A view from the beach to the west. There are ships and sailboats everywhere!

The Honda barge being readied for the Celebration of Lights (Fireworks) competition which begins July 25/15.

 Saturday we travelled home together and I had a chance to visit with my mom for a few hours too.

On my last visit with mom I took her one full slip but she needed a few more. I finally got around to making them and two long flowing dresses last week (I didn't get any good photos).  These will take her through the Summer and into the Fall seasons though I will probably make her another dress and a few more slips before winter arrives.

 We also took her a mini CD player. It was hard to find one that was just the right size and which came with a remote control. My brother finally went across the border to Bellingham, Washington to find one.

On the map you can see Bellingham in relation to Vancouver, and also Kamloops to the north where we travelled on Saturday.

The skies were overcast and very gray when we started our journey.  Our final destination was Kamloops which takes between 4-5 hours driving one way (this includes restroom stops and lunch or dinner stops).
The temperature was about 24 degrees Celsius on departure.   By late afternoon in Kamloops the temperature had soared to 34 degrees Celsius.

I'm posting a few scenic photos taken from the moving car. We travelled on the Coquihalla Highway

Big farm and silos in Chilliwack.

 I've posted scenes of this route before in several other posts.

 I always find the scenery very beautiful and ever changing depending on light of day and the seasons of the year.

Cornfields of Chilliwack. Hot weather is playing havoc with this year's crops.

Rocky mountain and babbling brook between the City of Chilliwack and the town of Hope.

Getting close to the town of Merritt. The landscape changes to sand and desert spaces.

Leaving Merritt and a view of the lake to the east.
Getting closer to Kamloops

The descent into Kamloops
View to the north.  I brightened this photo a bit so you can see the town better.
I took a few photos of the flora and fauna along the way. I think this photo was taken between Merritt and Kamloops.

This is actually a view from the mountains on the highway travelling south to Vancouver just after dusk.

While I was travelling a few hours north to see my mom,  one of my Kenyan friends was also travelling north in Kenya.

This was Jonah's monthly missions trip to the Pokot people.

The volunteer missions team makes a quick weekend trip to these people in the very dry desert area of Kenya.
It takes about 12 hours one way travelling from Kericho to Marsabit area.

I found a map which doesn't have too many places marked on it so you can easily find the start of the route and the destination.

The drought in northern Kenya is very bad this year and the people are very hungry. 

 I am sharing these photos and a short video in hopes some of my readers will feel inspired to help with the regular missions to these dear ones in Pokot country.

This video of the women singing and dancing really touched me.
I know the harsh conditions they live in and yet they can sing and dance in the sweltering heat.

Photo & Video Credits: Pokot photos & video by Jonah, Kenya Missions of Hope

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  1. Wow ! Great series of photos ~ lovely vistas and those Pokot people seem happy in the photos despite the living conditions ~ Glad you got visit Mom ~ we need visits when we get older ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. Wonderful post and images from your trip! I am sure the visit with your Mom was a happy one. Have a great new week ahead!

  3. What a lovely route you take to visit your mom. Thanks for hte drive by shots.

  4. enjoyed the pictures of your travels.

  5. That's an interesting drive through Merritt to Kamloops.

  6. Beautiful series of images of great variety.

  7. Lovely series of shots - what a contrast between the two places!

  8. Great series of photos from two different continent.

  9. Hi Joyful, What an excellent post! Your photos of the trip over to Kamloops are great and I felt like I was along for the ride. Kamloops is in an interesting setting, isn't it? I trust your visit with your mom went well. I wondered if your Nephew went along on this trip? Of course the Kenya photos set quite a contrast. I do continue to pray for those people. It's just difficult to wrap my mind around the differences between a highly developed country, like Canada, and on the other hand, Kenya. The luck of where you are born makes just about all the difference! Thank you for all the photos and your captions. I noticed that you have made some changes to your comments section and hope to chat with you about that. Hope all is well with you in Vancouver!

  10. What an enjoyment this post was! I felt as if you were taking me along with you on your drive, just beautiful.
    Thank you for the video on those precious Kenya folks, I will certainly pray for their needs.They have the joy of the Lord in their hearts even under the circumstances. That is the way it is supposed to be, isn't it? Our joy comes from the Lord, not our circumstances, people, places or things.

    Have a beautiful and blessed day! Debbie

  11. Wonderful views from your travel, all so enjoyable.
    Have a nice week ahead!


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