Saturday, October 17, 2015

FMG & Fistula

Yesterday I wrote about the young mother from Pokot area of western  Kenya who had to be rushed to hospital to deliver  her baby who was in a breech position.

Like many young girls and women in Kenya, this mother has had female circumcision done, better known by some as female genital mutilation (FMG) and medically as clitoridectomy.

The mother was rushed to a clinic at Kacheliba which is a great distance away from her home (45 kilometres one way).   Her child was born successfully with the help of medical intervention.  The mother lived too but is not doing well.  She is ruptured down below and needs surgery.  I believe this problem is called "fistula".  The surgery to repair cannot be done at the little clinic where the mother and child are currently admitted.

It requires her travelling to another larger center (Kitale or Eldoret) and so a lot of resources are required for the travel, the surgery and care while she is away  from home. I'm not certain of all the details because there is also the issue of her young baby and what to do with the child.

This is a complicated situation and requires prayerful intervention. We need some miracles here. Please pray for the missions team that is there now and for the young mother and her child and family.

I give thanks for the prayers offered over the past two days. The baby was born in good health despite the very tenuous start. Let us hope the baby continues in good health and that the mother can be rehabilitated through surgery soon and that there will be no complications.


  1. This is a major and heart breaking problem for many mothers in Africa. I hope she can have the surgery she needs soon. Thankfully for mother and child are alive and as well as can be expected.

  2. Oh Penny what a heart-breaking story; at least with a partially successful outcome. I pray that African mother soon has the surgery and post-op care. Bless you for sharing this. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. This makes me so sad. There is so much bad in the world to overcome. I hope the best for the mother and the lovely new baby.

  4. I hope there is an open way and necessary arrangements can be made for the mother's surgery.

  5. Im glad mother and baby are ok. Regards female circumcision its a horrible unnecessary practice that needs to stop.

  6. Sorry I read the post again and realised that the mother is not doing so good I wish her well x

  7. Horrible, and heart-breaking. I hope things fall into place for the mother's surgery and she heals quickly.

  8. Praying for them Joyful! I hope they are better. It must be so difficult to live in such conditions. I admire you for helping.

  9. Hi Joyful, This story illustrates part of the reason I'm volunteering at the hospital here in Seattle in Neonatal Intensive Care. Here is a mother who may not be able to hold her own baby for long. My job as a "Cuddler" is to simply provide some human contact and comforting to the little one when the nurses or parents are unable to do so. The work is immensely rewarding. I do hope for full recovery for this young mother and will add her to my prayer list.


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