Saturday, October 31, 2015


I've long noticed (and heard on the news) that Hallowe'en has moved up several spots in the retailer bonanza. This means the day is no longer just for children.  In fact, I daresay that adults have virtually taken over the day from the children and use it as an occasion for dress up and partying.

As each year that goes by the restaurants and retail stores also get caught up in the day because they are trying to entice the adults to spend.  In my small sample of photos, I saw several restaurants using the Hallowe'en theme to decorate and offering themed food and drinks.  These days I think small business owners have to work very hard to stay in business so they get creative.  I even saw one high end consignment shop trying to induce shoppers with the creative use of clothes for elegant costumes.

I took these photos as I was doing errands late this afternoon.

I don't celebrate Hallowe'en. I  gave that up when I was twelve but I do understand that little children find the day fun.  It is also a time when a lot of parents bond with their children over preparing the costume for the evening and going out together to get the treats. I see the children holding hands with moms and dads in the neighbourhood. They always bring a smile to my face. But I actually see more adults in costume than children and today was no exception.

Not to be a party pooper but I abhore all the money being spent on decor and costumes for grownups. There just is so much need in the world and even here at home that I wish people would save the money and give it to charity. There are people going hungry and dying for lack of medical care in many places around the world. Even in Canada, individuals and families go hungry & go without homes.  Many that still have homes and jobs have taken on a level of household debt never seen before.  Looking for party excuses is perhaps one way to blow off steam and avoid dealing with the family finances.

Right now I hear firecrackers going off. It will likely be like that until 3 or 4 in the morning. 

On the news yesterday there was a report of one old wooden house burned down due to firecrackers. 
Some residents want the firecrackers banned altogether. Especially those that live in a very old house. 

 Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, stay safe.


Linda said...

This is very true, and even though I don't celebrate it I get a kick out of seeing people all dressed up for it, children and adults alike! Here in Montreal even the staff at stores...and sometimes even hospitals dress for the day. I hope your Halloween was enjoyable. Love your photos! :)

jabbott said...

I too am fed up of listening to fireworks going off well before bonfire night, and also I agree we love to waste money in the west on frivolities !

Nancy Chan said...

We do not have problems with Halloween because we do not celebrate it. But we do have problems with fire-crackers during the few festival celebrations even though it has been banned!

Joanne Noragon said...

Emily asks almost every year to go to some friend's or another's halloween party. My answer always is No, halloween parties are for adults. Next year, when she is away in college, she can go to all the halloween parties she can find.

Red said...

I agree that Halloween has become 99% commercialized. .I cannot believe the huge piles of Halloween candy in superstore. I had 5 kids visit last night. Years ago I would have 50 - 60.

Jeanie said...

You're right about the commercialization but it is fun to get dressed up sometimes. And the kids are so darned cute! (But fireworks? Hate it!)

Denise said...

so very true.

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