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Short Update

Hi friends, This will be a very brief update to let you know why I have been silent. My eldest nephew, the horseman was in a very bad accident yesterday (Sunday) in Kamloops (5 hours north of where I live).  The weather was very cold and stormy which is unusual weather for Kamloops even at this time of year. He was hit by a train while out looking for horses in distress.  My nephew's horse took the brunt of the force from the train and my nephew was thrown into the air and then the ground. The horse is dead and my nephew suffered physical damage but he is alive. He is awake and he is talking but cannot remember much. Please keep him in your prayers or send good thoughts. It is a miracle he survived the accident. My my nephew and his wife (Photo credit: Candace C) Also yesterday I learned that one of my primary credit cards was compromised. I signed up for email alerts every time my card is charged so I learned about this fraudulent charge almost right away.  The charge w

The Gardens of Versailles Palace

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020, the beginning of the new decade ahead.  May it be a wonderful year (and decade) for us all. It is always exciting to start a new year full of promise and our hopes and dreams. I hope to make progress on some of my own modest goals toward living a better life.  I usually set a few goals at the beginning of each year.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I achieve them and when I see that I am using my time well and learning a few new things along the way.  However big or small, may you also be able to make progress on your goals.   Whether you set yearly goals or not, it's likely that you have some ideas about things you would like to do or see happen in the coming year.  I will be taking a few weeks in this month to really consider how I want to approach the year and to set a few goals. In the meantime I am in reflection and preparation mode. I spent a lot of time looking at planners and finally purchased one which shou