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Happy New Year 2021

 Hello friends and fellow bloggers, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. For most of us it was much quieter and more restful than usual due to the travel restrictions during the ongoing pandemic. I took a break from almost all social media over the Christmas holiday though I did sneak in a bit of blog reading and commenting here and there.  I'm glad I took a break because I was a bit tired from all the activities of December. I'm actually still on break as I'm now working on a project which takes a lot out of me. I get easily distracted and I don't want distractions so I can get this thing out of the way as quickly as possible.  A lot of detail work is involved but once I'm finished, I will be able to return to blogging and visiting your blogs. But I wanted to make sure to stop by and say how much Christmas food was appreciated by the Kenyans who received it. Thank you for prayers and for the one who gave toward this cause.  It truly was a blessing. There are s

A Very Merry Christmas

Hi friends, I hope you are all well since my last post. I've been getting things ready in my home and running errands all related to Christmas.   Sky Watch Before I get into the news I want to share a few sky photos.  The first photo was taken on December 14th in the late afternoon.  The next photo was taken a few days earlier on Sunday, December 12th mid-afternoon after a particularly wet weekend. Over the next 2 weeks the forecast is for half rainy days and half sunny days.  That's better than what we usually get at this time of year. I'm grateful for the odd days of sunshine and the glorious views but truthfully the rainy days haven't bothered me much because I'm indoors and keeping busy. Christmas Preparations On Sunday night I finally got out the Christmas ornaments and did the decorating.  I'm glad to have the decorating done. Now I can enjoy the twinkling lights every day as I await Christmas.   The small tree, the mantle and bookshelves have all been de

Another Friday Has Come and Gone

 Hi friends and fellow bloggers, I hope you are all doing well and keeping happily occupied as we move on toward Christmas. I'm keeping busy but not feverishly so. This year I have been thankful for being made to slow down and get a lot of 'old tasks' done. I have enough to keep all my waking hours occupied. It was raining very, very heavily earlier in the day.  When it stopped I took a few photos to share. First up is this little beauty. On Thursday night I made ham and bean soup with the leftover ham I roasted on Sunday or Monday. I made Métis style bannock bread to go with it. It was not the best bannock I've made but it was tasty nonetheless.  If you would be interested in making it, there is a recipe or two on line. The box from Amazon was delivered on Tuesday and contains the shelves I have yet to put together. I haven't done it yet because I've been painting one of the walls in my entry way and touching up some of the bedroom doors and bathroom areas. I h

A Journal of Activities

 Hi friends and fellow bloggers, Just checking in here to see how things are going with you. Since my last post I've been busy trying to get things done. I've also been getting back into reading which is one of my favourite activities. I finished reading, The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel.   It is a very touching and poignant book in so many ways. The story line involves an American woman who marries a French man and settles in Paris. Shortly thereafter the Germans occupy the city and her husband becomes involved in the resistance movement unbeknownst to her. When she finds out she wants to help too but her husband vetoes the idea. After his death she does get involved in harbouring members of the Allied forces and helps many get to safety. The rest of the story revolves around her love life and what happens to her as she is sent to concentration camp in Germany. I highly recommend the book. Now I'm reading a few others including another book by Kristen Hormel called

Welcome to December

This beautiful scene greeted me Monday.  There will be more scenes like this for another week or so as I've read that we will have dry, relatively warm, sunny weather until about mid-December. Thereafter it should get a lot colder due to the effects of  La Niña , the colder counterpart to El Niño. Welcome to December!   I started reading a new book. It's digital and from the library but for some reason it won't download for offline access. It means I have to read it on my browser. It's an easy read of the romance genre. One of those books that you don't have to think about while you read.     I wanted to read that kind of book right now since I'm  busy with lots and lots of  'to dos', sending Christmas mail, household tasks, and looking for deals on things I need for the house. Some sewing was involved in preparing one of the packages so I was a bit late it getting it prepared. Now that I've dusted and cleaned the grime from the sewing machine, I rea