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Another Friday has Arrived

Hi everyone, After weeks of rain we've been having a few spectacular sunny days. I wanted to get down to my favourite beach to take some photos but I had a late start today.  I decided on the spur of the moment to go downtown and I'm glad I did. There were a lot of people out today enjoying the warm fall day. In fact there were even a few people in their swimming trunks. I wanted a photo of the dog and his master but the sun was shining directly in my path. I took a few photos anyway.  Here is the photo in black and white and colour. He was a lovely dog but he wasn't so thrilled about fetching the stick until his master threw it some distance into the water. In the beautiful scene below I was competing with several other people for photos, lol. I decided to leave one in the photo for fun. Here are several people testing the water. We had summer weather temperatures today. I always love the scene as I come upon the huge metal sculpture and th

It's Friday Today!

Hi friends, I'm sharing sunflowers today. I took these photos last Saturday when I went grocery shopping. They caught my eye in the parking lot and you can see the beautiful blue sky in the background. These patio photos were taken within a few days of the sunflower photos. It's been raining for the better part of two weeks and is a bit chilly too. I managed to snap these photos during some dry and clear periods. This morning the rain started up again but I understand it is to be a short few days of rain and sunshine for several days after that. I cherish any bit of sunshine we can get before the winter rains. I'm reading two Jane Goodall books, one book of letters by Laura Ingalls Wilder and this short book about Swedish Death Cleaning.  The concept of death cleaning is to make sure you declutter before you die and leave a bunch of goods, furniture, letters, jewellery and other possessions to your loved ones to clear out after you are gone. T

A Variety of Critters

Cattle from small villages to the east of Marigat, Kenya  Thomson gazelles in Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Nakuru, Kenya Orphan elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust near Nairobi, Kenya Ostrich along highway near Baringo, Kenya Ostrich running around a small village near Marigat, Kenya Linking up with Eileen at  Saturday's Critters

Just Popping In

Hi friends, I'm just popping in to say 'hello' and 'how are you'?  It's been awhile since I posted here and today's post will be brief. Since I wrote last we have been having quite a lot of inclement weather.  Very dark skies and lots of rain. I would say we also have cooler temperatures than usual. We sure could have used the rain during the summer when all the wild fires were raging. Some parts of western Canada (northern British Columbia and Alberta) have even had snow yesterday and today and quite cold temperatures. We expect less rain and snow and warmer temperatures again soon and normal autumn temperatures to follow.  The intense heat of the summer and sadly, my garden is pretty much done for the year. I plan to dig all the debris from the annuals up before the end of the month. You can just make out the Light Rapid Transit in the middle right. I'm reading. I started a Creative Writing Class yesterday. I enjoyed it immensely and loo

Finishing Some Preparations & a Day at the Fair

Preparations continue here for earthquake preparedness. If you wish to read more to this story you can click here .  I went to the Pacific National Exhibition today and was so pleased to find a booth there selling supplies for earthquake and emergency preparedness. This is the first time I've ever seen this type of booth at the fair. I was able to buy the food and the water I needed without ordering on line (and waiting for delivery) or without having to run around and check various far away stores.  In addition to food and water supplies  I purchased a small multi-purpose tool (with knife and can opener and so on).  I also managed to purchase a small hand cranked radio and flashlight combo. I already have a radio but prefer one that won't need batteries and this fit the bill. On top of it all I got 20% off all the prices because it was the last day of the fair. Food and water supplies will be good for 5 years then they will need to be replaced.