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Patios & Flowers

Thank you to all those who left kind comments on my last post about my mother's passing. I appreciate you all and your kind encouragement to continue blogging. I have decided to continue in this space though my blogging may be a bit sporadic for the next while. As I have more time and energy I hope to resume more fully. In the meantime I will continue to visit blogs as often as I can. Early morning sunrise On a recent walk I was struck by the way people make use of their spaces to carve out garden areas wherever they can. Single family dwelling back patio Back apartment above retail space. I like the lights they've strung up It's not too often I see a patio set up in the front yard. But this is a huge multi-apartment dwelling Something called a parklet, a mini-park set up in several areas of the city Another back facing patio (facing alleyway) above a retail space. Parklet flowers Can you spot the bee? I think these a

The End of an Era

Dear friends, it has been long since I posted here. I wasn't sure if I would post again at this space, start a new blog or stop posting altogether.   For now I thought I should at least come back and report what has happened since I posted last in the Fall of 2016. (Sorry Jo for taking so long to post after your suggestion).    Some of my readers will remember I took a break due to needing a rest. I  didn't quite get the rest I anticipated.   First it was Christmas with the busyness and travel all that entails.  Next came more medical issues for my dear mom and hospital checks and ultimate admittance.   She stayed there for a month and that required much travel back and forth to visit with her, comfort her and make sure her needs were being met. After surgery she wanted to go home. We worked on setting everything up for her there but there were a few setbacks and delays in getting her home. Ultimately though we succeeded and  she was