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Fall is in the Air

This is the current book at the top of my reading pile. I'm enjoying it immensely and it makes me feel as if I too am in the mountains with the gorillas. I wanted to share some Fall season photos but haven't been out to take any good ones.  We have had rainy, wet weather since late last week so that hasn't helped to do any photo taking.  The following photos are from my archives and were taken a few years ago.  I hope you enjoy them. The next photo was taken with the camera phone on Wednesday, September 24th.  It was just after a heavy duty wind and rain storm and the night was falling fast.  The next few photos were also taken with my phone camera while I was doing some errands in between the rainfall. Thank you for stopping by. I'm linking up with Skywatch Friday today and Saturday's Critters . I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.

Farm Animals at the PNE & A Few Other Things

These are not the best photos due to low lighting and use of a poor phone camera but I took these several years ago and don't believe I ever posted them. They are photos of the farm animals I took when my niece and I went to the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE). She really enjoyed all the animals. I did take photos of other animals and will probably share them at a later date. Today I am showing the pigs.  I love little piglets and always think of the movie Babe whenever I see them.   Sadly, my niece and I couldn't have a visit at Christmas or this summer for her birthday like we usually do. Both of us have underlying conditions so it isn't worth the risk.  We have been going to the PNE every year for years with her late mom and grandma but of course this year the PNE was not open for business as usual. The spider I photographed last week is still on it's web in the same spot. It was difficult to get a good shot today.  Please check this post if you would like to see b

First Day of Clear Sky

We've been experiencing very poor air quality as a result of the wild fires that have been burning in Washington, Oregon and California states.  I've had to keep all doors and windows closed and stay indoors for five days.  On Wednesday the sky finally cleared a bit and it was such a relief to be able to go outside and to breathe better air. These few photos were taken as soon as the sky cleared in late afternoon Wednesday. Then within a few hours the sky darkened again. I wasn't quite sure if it was due to the fires or if rain was on the way. Then it rained Wednesday night. The sky cleared a bit on Thursday and it rained a little again in the evening. We are expecting more rain over the next two days.   Joining in with Skywatch Friday today.

Saturday's Critters - Cross Spider

While I was out taking photos of my plants the other day, this little critter practically dropped into my face.  I quickly shifted focus to try and capture a few shots to join in with Eileen at Saturday's Critters .  I've been wanting to link up there for a long time but I never seem to find any critters that don't get away before I have my camera ready. I couldn't really see the spider web until I downloaded the photos and I've changed the exposure a bit so that the spider web is more visible. I'm not a spider expert but it looks like this one is called Araneus diadematus or a Cross Spider.  The cross spider is sandy brown to burnt orange with pale spots in a cross shape on its large abdomen.  The cross spider is an orb-web spider known for constructing enormous circular webs to catch prey like flies and mosquitoes. They inhabit gardens, hedgerows, meadows and woodlands, and are often found in rural areas of BC including buildings with exterior lighting. (Sou

A Small Update

I cannot believe how much time has passed since I wrote in this space about the blob on my camera sensor. It was evident in many of my photos and yet not in other photos. I tried to crop the blob out from time time.  Thanks to Covid 19 and staying home a lot more, I am slowly catching up to a host of small jobs that need doing. I'm slow but steady, lol. I put off some things that can be done rather quickly. There is a method and a rationale to my approach though my approach definitely differs from what most people would likely do. The good news is, I finally googled the cost of 2 repairs to my camera. The bad news is the total cost is ridiculous an not worth it. Though the camera works very well, it would cost me about 2/3 the value just for 2 small repairs. My brother who is a bit of a tech enthusiast and always fixes my computer and phone issues told me he would clean my camera (lens and sensors) and showed me how to work around the other issue. At last I have a properly working

A Busy Day and Some Happy Colour

Things have been rather busy here in my corner of the world. I guess I'm in a slightly whirling dervish mode since it's the end of the summer and I've had so many jobs I put off due to Covid 19. On Friday I went for my annual eye check up albeit a half year later than I should have. Actually I had an appointment scheduled for 6 months ago.  However I postponed it and requested that they give me an appointment with the eye specialist who did my surgery.  Not the back up eye doctor who has been seeing me the last two times. They called again to make a new appointment for me but it was still with the back up doctor.  I relented and went for the check up because I really must stay on top of things. But I told the front desk staff  that next time I really would like to be booked in with my original eye specialist.  She is the reason I started going to that office in the first place and she is the one who did my eye surgery about 3 - 4 years ago.  They understood my frustration b