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Update on Fundraising for Little Linet's Surgery

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, This is a quick update to let you know that we still need $ 80 60 ( eighty sixty dollars) Canadian to get the medical evaluation as to whether cleft palate surgery can be performed on Little Linet. See story in my last post (click "Older Post" at bottom of this post if you do not see the story on this page).  We also need $70 (seventy dollars) Canadian for the return travels for 3 people (Little Linet, Mama Linet and Jonah to assist them). Altogether we need $130 dollars  (Canadian) for Little Linet. I had a couple people contact me about the DONATE feature on Jonah's website which is acting up. This has been a long standing issue for us. Please send your donation via Pay Pal to kerichojoy[at] if you have any problems with the DONATE button. If you are following Edwin's progress for cancer treatment, please know that there is an upcoming trip on August 8th to Nairobi. At that time Edwin will have follow up

Little Linet

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, The last time I wrote you about little Linet she had been taken to hospital.  You might remember Little Linet is the girl with a cleft palate. Her family is not able to afford hospital care. This photo shows Linet as a toddler when Jonah first started helping her with doctor visits and food. My friend Jonah, in Kenya, first helped this little one because she couldn't eat. Somehow by the grace of God, the baby was able to start eating after medical attention and she gained weight. However she has been having  many problems and is now malnourished. She went to hospital again a few weeks ago and the doctors took out her long front teeth, administered oral hygiene and tended to her  mouth wounds.  She is now on a strict diet which the mother cannot afford to purchase for her little girl. She needs our help. This is Linet (standing) with her mother on her way to see doctor at mission hospital. We still need to cover some nominal costs

Sky Over Granville Island

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Beautiful Tulip

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Back to Routine & a Bit of Knitting

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, After having a visitor for a few weeks, I'm catching up on my own schedule of things.  I've actually been very busy with household work, doing my laundry and trying to clean my carpets; vacuuming and steam cleaning, vacuuming and steam cleaning and so on, until the high traffic areas are clean.  I have one of those small steamer (steam-tek mop) that works with just water in it. I like it because it is very light and easy to use. It isn't for heavy duty jobs but it helps a lot. Following my post yesterday, I've also been spending a lot of time trying to implement my new blogging approach by deleting many of my subscriptions. One thing I've learned is that although there is a place to manage one's subscriptions in Google Reader, it actually doesn't work that well. I've been trying to delete certain subscriptions since well before yesterday and they continue to appear in my dashboard. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hello friends and fellow bloggers, One of my goals this year is to use computer time more efficiently and effectively. Saving time in one area will help me spend more time in bible study, and general reading.  One of the things I've decided, is to reduce the number of blogs I follow, and also the number of blogs I comment on.  I've been subscribed to literally hundreds of blogs at any given time.  In addition, I participate in many weekly memes. I've made it a practice to read most of the new posts on these blogs and memes.  If I take time to read a post, I also take time to leave a comment.  I've been doing this for years. As you can imagine, it takes a good chunk of time from my week but I do love to read and learn from others, and share a bit of myself. I have no problem in doing this and for the most part have enjoyed it. However, I've decided it is time to make changes. So along that vein, and with very few exceptions, I will no longer be commenting

An Oasis on a Hot Day

One day my niece and I went to a local park for a picnic. I think it was one of our hottest days during the two weeks she was visiting. I don't have air conditioning and the fan wasn't enough to keep the condo feeling fresh and cool. It turned out to be a good decision to go the park. The small park was busy while we were there but not too busy. I also took cushions and books.  I wasn't up to reading but my niece looked at books while I relaxed.   We munched on mini meatballs, potato and egg salad, cheese, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and grapes. We brought water to drink and a soda each. The black crow in the tree next to us seemed to be waiting for some food.  We didn't encourage it by throwing scraps of food but my niece loved to watch this bird and two others that joined it. The shady trees made a refreshing change from the condo. It's always lovely to get out for a picnic but I seldom do these days. Join in here to see what others

A Short Update

It's been a busy week and it continues to be busy. My uncle Ted died after complications arising from several surgeries in a short space of time.  He was laid to rest yesterday. We will miss him.  Mom and I were talking about how quickly he slipped from our lives.  We only found out 7 weeks ago that he had colon cancer and then we waited for his surgery.  Sadly, he did not make it through the surgery even though initially it looked like he would.  I think most of the family is still in shock about the speed of events.  I am happy a brother and I made a point to visit him (well) before his surgery date because we had been told he might not make it. It was nice to see him smile and hear him laugh and see how much he was looking forward to getting back to normal. The reason it's been a bit hectic here is I had to help mom put some words of remembrance together for her brother and we don't live in the same city.  I also had to put my own remembrances together and look after

A Solo Yellow Lily

I made this photo extra large so you can see the bugs and the ant or small fly, at work, deep within the flower. Can you find them? You can see some fantastic flowers at Floral Friday Fotos here  And join in with Tina and her Weekend Flowers here .

Skywatching on a Summer Night

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Mary Poppins Comes to Town

My niece is visiting for a few weeks. It has been a long time since she's been to my home and she and I have both been enjoying our long overdue visit. While she is here we are being like being tourists and going to Granville Island and other areas of the waterfront, going to the movies and Chinatown, riding a little ferry boat, having fish and chips at the waterfront and ordering KFC (chicken), both of which are her favourites, going for a picnic and maybe swimming if she we can find one of my bathing suits to fit her, relaxing in the garden and having a small birthday celebration. And if that isn't enough, thrill of thrills, we are going to see the musical, "Mary Poppins" and we are so excited!  The only other time we took in a musical together it was her favourite was "Beauty and the Beast".   She enjoyed it so much and so did I!  Mary Poppins will play at the same venue, The Queen Elizabeth Theatre where I also saw the Soweto Gospel Choir in April of

Enjoying a Day at Granville Island

Participating this week in Your Sunday Best Our World Tuesday Wordless Wednesday  Water World Wednesday                 It was such a lovely day! It's great to be a tourist in your own city ;-) Please visit again soon. Note: Little Linet here is going to have surgery. She needs a lot of prayer and financial support both to help with surgery and with her food and clothing needs. If you can help, please let me know or donate here .