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End of July 2020

Hi everyone, I was reflecting this week that it was almost 6 months ago when this Covid scare began and the business of  self-isolating.  For the most part I've been okay and have not needed to do more than go out for food and medications. I did not go to the community garden much at all though I had planned to do so.  Things may change a bit in the next few months as at some point I'll need to have a doctor's appointment, a dental appointment and perhaps a minor hospital procedure and I really should go and get some lab work done.  But have no desire to expose myself to new people and new germs any more than I must  The hospital has been calling me to schedule a procedure on a non-urgent basis and I've basically been avoiding the calls. I will try and give them a call next week. I've been thinking that it will be at least another 6 months before we can really get out and about and or even contemplate travelling. I thought I cannot go an entire year without seeing a

Looking Skyward

Our summer finally arrived this past week. I read on Twitter that it is the latest arrival of summer in 40 years. My experience of having lived long on the earth is that it was indeed a very late summer arrival and the twitter feed simply confirmed it.  If you were in Vancouver over the past few months you could safely vouch that this was the case because it has rained so much since April. Virtually every day and sunny and dry days were few and far between. Hot weather did not arrive until a few days ago and for the first time since May I went to the community garden. I thought that after several days of sunshine and hot weather the garden would need a good watering.  Truthfully since I've been self-isolating it has been very easy not to go to the garden though I did worry about how unsightly it might be by now. I certainly didn't worry that the garden wasn't getting enough water. Imagine my surprise to get there and find that most things I planted or that grew because

Another Week Flies By

Hi friends and fellow bloggers, Today is a mixed bag of weather. It is mostly cloudy with a few brighter spots. It hasn't rained today but it did rain yesterday. I continue to be busy with all the paperwork. I'm also catching up on tax filing. One of the things that's been on my 'to do' list for awhile. I did tell you in my last post ( read here if you like ) that I had gotten very far behind on my personal business while I was busy care giving. Now I have an opportunity to get everything back on track. Right now I'm cooking beans (kidney beans and chick peas) in the instant pot. I need to get back to healthier eating and beans are good for the blood sugar. I also roasted some yams and sweet potatoes and cut up some red peppers, English cucumbers and avocados.  I will be blanching some green beans and boiling some eggs.  All of these will be used throughout the coming day and if I don't feel like eggs I can have some fish or some chicken.  But f

What Have I Been Doing?

Hello friends, I pray you are all safe and well during these tumultuous times. In my little corner of the world I am super busy. I am catching up with many jobs and tasks that should have been done earlier but I lacked motivation and energy so other more immediate priorities took precedence. Like the seagull in the photo above, I would rather soar high away from the mundane things in life, ha ha. Now I have to roost for a bit and get caught up.   I can tell you I am so glad to be moving forward and getting things organized once again. In my former life I was a super organized person.  Over the past many years though I have done a lot of travelling.  Mostly to look after my dear late mom and also to undertake the missions in Kenya so it gave me less time to keep things well organized. I hadn't really realized just how behind I was because I managed to keep everything moving along fairly well.  But now that I no longer spend so much time in care giving and I've been