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A Little of This and That

Hi friends, I hope all is well with you. I'm basically okay but have been feeling more tired than usual and fighting against a cold.  I did go and get my flu shot.  I usually like to get it as early as possible but was a few weeks late this year. There isn't a lot of excitement going on right now but there are a lot of small things to be done.  It is a time of taking stock, getting appointments out of the way, completing little odd jobs here and there and thinking ahead to Christmas.   I seem to have enough energy for doing only very basic things like every day meal preparation, hand washing of dishes, doing the laundry, reading the Bible and praying for the needs of others, keeping abreast of the Kenyans I am helping (see side bar top right), only the necessity shopping and buying or making Christmas gifts and deciding what to do over the holiday. I've also been on You Tube a lot as I'm over subscribed to various channels.  When one doesn't feel like doing thei

Marking the Year in Reading & Looking Back

This year my reading goal was 25 books. Once I reached that level any extra reading I did was to be enjoyed whenever I had time. I am now up to 44 books (those in the picture below) and I have no end goal. Right now I am trying to read and learn from some fashion and cooking books. The only problem is usually when I want to do that there is a queue of people who want the books too and sometimes one cannot renew them. Our library system allows 2 renewals if you are not caught up with too many people needing the book so altogether you can borrow a book for 9 weeks. In addition to reading the library books I am reading chronologically through the New Testament. I try to read about 5 chapters a day.  Right now I am in the last chapters of the Book of John.  I am also reading the Book of Revelation. I haven't much read the Book of Revelation since I was a child and it isn't a book that many churches teach about. Once I've read this Book a few times on my own I will

Thanksgiving Dinner, Fall Leaves and Eunice

In my last post I mentioned that Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend and that I was under the weather. Thank you to those blogging friends who prayed for me. I am feeling better and am on the mend. 🦃🦃🦃 I mentioned also that I was to make dinner for family. I did and took my time. It was a relaxing day and we enjoyed a quiet celebration. My brother pronounced the turkey as the best I've ever made. I think what he really liked was the crispy, golden skin.  You can see all the liquid at the bottom of the roasting pan. It isn't all grease from the bird. When I was growing up my mother always added water to the roasting pan.  I copy her approach. It helps to steam cook the bird and keep it moist. It also provides more drippings and liquid for making the gravy. Roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots tossed in olive oil and coarse sea salt.I didn't make so much of this because I didn't want them as left overs. I also omitted green s

Thanksgiving 2019

Hi friends, It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so I'm popping in to wish my Canadian readers a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving weekend. It is a quiet and more relaxing weekend for me though I am making the traditional turkey dinner. It is always sad to me when I meet many newcomers to Canada or immigrants who have come in the last few decades but they do not ever partake in a traditional turkey dinner at Thanksgiving or even at Christmas. Even vegans in Canada do celebrate thanksgiving with substituted dishes of course.  Whenever I am up to it I do try to invite people to my home for a traditional meal but the past two years I haven't felt up to it. Even right now I am feeling tired and a bit run down. For some reason the Fall season doesn't agree with me physically.  It is a pity because I absolutely love the cooler (not cold) weather and the gorgeous colours in the leaves. I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend wherever you are in the world