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Skywatch Friday Vancouver

 Hello friends and fellow bloggers, Happy Friday to you all. I hope you are all doing well. Thursday was a beautiful, sunny day here in Vancouver. I had an appointment downtown and walked back to the main transit station to return home. Along the way I took these photos to share with you. Vancouver Art Gallery (with red banners) and the Vancouver Hotel just to the left in the photo. Robson Square in the heart of downtown, UBC downtown campus View looking south from Robson Square, Vancouver courthouse just beyond the trees in middle Part of the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel Adjacent buildings reflected in one of the Wall Centre towers The Vancouver Courthouse Nelson Street going east I'm linking up with Skywatch Friday this week.  Thank you for stopping by!

The Weekend & Some Heavy Thoughts

Hi friends and fellow bloggers, How are things going with you? I'm doing okay. I've had a fairly bad cold all week but I'm feeling a bit better now. I've gone out here and there to pick up a parcel at the post office and to do a bit of food shopping. I also tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to reach the car insurance place. Basically I'm returning their call about physiotherapy treatments. I'll have to try again next week. On Friday night DH and I went off to see the new Black Panther movie, Wakanda Forever. It was quite touching in parts and beautifully done. However I still think the first Black Panther movie a few years ago was a tighter story line and I enjoyed it so much.  Don't get me wrong though. The new movie is worth watching; especially if you've seen the first installment. There are some new characters who add a lot of depth. The movie is very long at 2.5 hours and I'm glad we went to a showing that was in early evening. The movie ends i

Skywatch & Remembrance Day 2022

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, Earlier in the week we had our first snowfalls and some of it stayed for a few days on my patio but melted on the streets and sidewalks in my neighbourhood. It's been cold here and autumn is well and truly over in a flash.  We've had a lot of gray skies and rain just before the snow came.  We are now moving into our winter months and the sun will be in short supply unlike further north where they get a lot of snow and a lot of winter sunshine. For most of this week we've had bright blue skies and sunshine so that has been nice. Today is not only Skywatch Friday but it is Remembrance Day here in Canada.  Lest we Forget the sacrifices of the many who fought in war that we might have some kind of freedom. God bless them every one of them and their families. I'm joining in with Skywatch Friday this week.  Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend. 

First Snow that "Stuck" & Health Care Worker Needs

 Hi friends and fellow bloggers, Here are a few photos of what the scene looked like off my balcony on Tuesday morning. It snowed all night Monday and this time it stuck around a bit longer. I took these photos just after 6 a.m.  Yesterday when I went out to do some grocery shopping, I noticed that most of the snow had melted but some still remains on my patio in areas where the sun doesn't reach. Snowing so early in the season is highly unusual. I guess the last time that happened was in 1991. Almost all of Canada is suffering a great shortage of staff in many sectors. Canada's Immigration Minister and the Government of Canada has released it's figures for immigrant or newcomer admission targets for 2023, 2024 and 2025. Altogether newcomers will total  almost 1.5 million people.  Skilled labour in the health care and construction fields have been identified as priorities.  On the news the other day this graphic was shared about the projected needs for health care workers o

The First Week of November

Happy Sunday from Vancouver where we have just come through some very heavy rainfall, stormy winds and wet snow.  It stopped now.  The sky is still gray but yesterday it was blue with fluffy white clouds. The first week of November has been about adjustments as the city transitions to the colder weather. I've had to turn the heat on in the bedroom and front room every day. I never quite feel organized at this time of year and the constant cold keeps me busy trying to stay warm.  It's especially hard to keep my legs warm enough, a symptom of diabetes.  I'm alternately going for long walks to keep the circulation going, or sitting down with a hot drink, raised legs and a heated throw. I've also been busy with errands almost every day this week. Part of it is an excuse to get out and get some exercise. In addition, I've been playing the MacDonald's Monopoly game and needed frequent trips there to pick up a coffee and some stickers to play. The game ends soon (Novem