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A Change of Season?

 Hi friends, There's been a distinct chill at night over the past week  and it also rained for a few days here and there the sun came out but you can still feel the chill in the air. It got me thinking about the fall season.  One of my favourite seasons except for the fact that it is far too short! On a whim I decided to go to another part of town today (Saturday).  I had to pick up a few specific items plus I made time to browse.  I decided to buy these colourful, artificial flowers and stems and put together this display. I also added some fairy lights amongst the blossoms to give off a hygge-ly glow at night. I think I need another 3 or 4 stems to give it a bit more fullness. I don't normally enjoy artificial flowers but they are certainly pretty and these days they can look so real.  The one thing I do love about artificial flowers is they don't die. I love flowers and I love colourful flowers so these ones will last me for awhile without needing to worry about finding

A Snapshot of the Last Few Days

It's peach season in British Columbia and lately I have been craving peaches. I purchased some to eat about 2 weeks ago and over the weekend I purchased a 10 pound box of peaches for canning. I haven't canned anything in years so I took my time reviewing the process. First I had to take the big canning pot from it's resting place and thoroughly clean it before I could sterilize the jars. It had accumulated so much dirt and grime due to no enclosed storage and no ventilation in the kitchen for a dog's.  The actual canning process was a bit messy because even though I purchased the peaches the night before I did the canning, they were likely sitting at the store for one week before I purchased them.  They were a sale item and I  bought them on the last day of the sale.  When I opened them up they were going a bit soft.  Have you every tried blanching, then peeling and slicing, slightly mushy peaches? It gets a bit messy but oh so yummy.   I canned 10 - 500 ml jars in tota

Beautiful Light This Week

 Hi friends, Popping in to the blog after a time away because I captured a beautiful sky today and a yesterday.  Now that the heat is not quite as intense, I find the light very beautiful. I get out bit more now that Covid restrictions have largely lifted. I still take precautions as most people do and all places have protocols in place as a condition of re-opening. The very intense weather we've had this summer has been very hard on the garden. I've also had a real problem with sow bugs this year and they have chewed up most plants with leaves and thus the plants haven't thrived at all. I'm grateful that some things survived despite the challenges. Updates : In other news, I've been off line a lot during the past few weeks.  I wanted a break to try and enjoy what's left of the summer and restore my equilibrium.  I've found it a pretty stressful time this summer. In addition to dealing with Covid like everywhere else, my province has also been dealing with i

Short Update on Rose

 Hi friends, I've been absent from this space for long. I've been quite busy doing big household chores and since that tires me out a lot, I am generally resting in between. This might be delayed spring cleaning because I am getting to seldom cleaned areas and things I often don't have time to do. I have a lot I want to accomplish before the weather gets cold.  I was also waiting for an update on Rose in Kenya; the mature woman (52 years old) who is pregnant and was in hospital with Covid 19. Rose was able to be discharged from hospital less than a week ago. Her discharge had been delayed due to not having a place to quarantine. In Kenya, villagers live in small quarters and some arrangements had to be made before she could get out of hospital. Sadly last night Rose was rushed to hospital with severe stomach pains. Private transport had to be hired as she lives in a rural place. Please keep Rose, her  unborn child and the rest of her family in prayer for all the many needs.