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Dreaming of Africa

These days I am dreaming of Africa. Kenya in particular. I want to visit and see my friends in the flesh instead of just emailing. I also want to make some progress on a small project with the village women in Kericho, Kenya. I've long had a desire to help the orphan girls and women to somehow make their lives easier with things like jiko stoves and fireless cookers, as well as menstrual pads. A jiko stove would help the women in so many ways but they are somewhat expensive especially for the villagers and a recent cheaper alternative came available but it is still too much for a villager. Jikos can save the women from back breaking and time consuming work of collecting firewood. Because there are so many people collecting twigs to start the fires for daily cooking, it is harder and harder to find it nearby. Women and children can spend hours a day locating the wood and carrying it home on their backs. It is hard work and also dangerous to go so far where you can be accosted. O

Mombasa Sunset

My hotel at Diana Beach in Mombasa.  Click here for more beautiful Sky photos .

Fantastic Walk to Granville Market - Pt. 3

Well my friends, it is so good to see you back for the 3rd and final installment of my blog posts on the fantastic walk to the wonderful Granville Island Market. If you missed parts 1 and 2, you can catch up here and here . When I left off, I was just about to continue the walk along the waterfront represented in the photo below. I did that until I arrived just under the Granville Street Bridge. That is the bridge above my head in this photo. I will continue the walk straight ahead.  Immediately to the left of the bridge pillar is the famous chain of steak restaurants, The Keg.  Just a few short minutes and here I am right out side the public market, better known as Granville Island Market. The market itself is housed in this big yellow and red building. It contains fresh produce of all kinds, fresh meats, delicatessens, honey and home made crafts and goods. There is also ready made food to eat.  Just outside where the benches are, buskers will sing and you ca

Fantastic Walks in Vancouver - Granville Island Market (Part 2)

Thank you for returning to continue the journey to the Granville Island Market with me. I am making my way through a lovely walk in the False Creek Development area and on to the Granville Island Market. If you missed the first part of the walk, you can join me here. As I carry on my walk through the waterfront development, I am in bliss. The sea air is strong today and I love it. I can't smell it in the residential area where I live though it isn't so terribly far from this place. Once that salt air hits my olfactory senses as it does today, I always question what took me so long to return to this place. The view in the photo below is north and slightly east. The high rises across the water are in downtown Vancouver. I can't describe for you what a fantastically beautiful day it is today but with the blue sky and green grass, I think you can see for yourself. Today there is an abundance of fragrance and colour from all the flowering trees and bushes. Don't you

Fantastic Walks in Vancouver

On Thursday I finally went for a walk I've long been anticipating. I've just been waiting for the weather to improve so I could enjoy this walk in all it's splendour. Thursday was just such a day. The sky was mostly clear with a few, fluffy (good meteorlogical term, lol) clouds and mostly a lot of sun. Just so you know at the outset, I am walking to a well known city tourist attraction, Granville Island Market. This market is a very popular with tourists and locals alike and is set on an island located underneath the main city bridge, the Granville Bridge.  But I begin my walk on Broadway and Laurel, right at the corner where Earl's Restaurant is located. As I commence my walk I can smell a beautiful fragrance coming from these bushes.  I walk further down Laurel Street, I can see many more bushes and smell more beautiful fragrances.  I had to walk down this pathway for a few blocks. It is a rather steep incline. I am headed to the corner where this maple leaf tr