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Early Sunday Morning on the Patio

 I snapped these photos in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  I couldn't quite get the clarity I wanted but I did enjoy my time in the quiet. The seagulls were not out squawking for some reason. Instead there was a beautiful chirping sound from an unknown to me bird.  It was lovely. I hope you enjoyed these photos. ~~~~ I also wanted to invite my long term readers to please take a moment to read and  share the following link with your networks and friends. (I've also added the information on the side bar, top right of this blog).   It only takes a few seconds and you will help by making it possible for more people to read and possibly respond. Thanks so much for your time and have a lovely week. Joining Our World Tuesday

A Little Rain on the Way

Hi friends, Today it's a sunny day and rain is expected tomorrow and several days next week. I got out last night to the community garden plot and felt a few sprinkles on my head though it waited until overnight for the rain to come down.  After I left the park I ended the day by going to a local coffee shop with my latest book. I passed by this magnificent rhododendron bush and stopped to admire it awhile. ~~~~ It's been a hectic year for me so far in 2019 with many things to accomplish. I'm trying to pace myself but now and then things get a bit hectic. I enjoy brief times of respite by going to the park, puttering around in my balcony garden or reading a good book at home or at the coffee shop. Joining with  Skywatch Friday . Have a magnificent weekend.

Starting the Week off Right

Last week was the first sunny week for some time and in fact the week ended on quite a hot note. That is about to change and thankfully I was able to complete planting both my balcony garden and my community plot before the weather cools a bit. It is expected to cook by about 10 degrees Celsius this week and hopefully it will rain for several days.  According to the weather forecast it looks like the best chance of rain is on Tuesday with 90% chance of rain and Sunday and Monday with 70% chance of rain respectively. I find the garden does much better with rain water than with tap water and the ground just soaks up the rain which is great for the tender plants. On Sunday evening (Mother's Day), I was walking back from the community plot and came across these gigantic poppies. They were simply too beautiful to pass by without getting a photo or two even though the sun had set about half an hour earlier. The photos are not the best quality but I think they look a bit like

This and That

In my last post I mentioned the long delay in planting my garden due to inclement weather. While I was waiting to plant  I've been catching up on other things like reading. Here is a photo display of the books I've read so far. I've mentioned before that I have a modest goal of 20 books but with current books I'm reading I will soon surpass the goal.  Once I achieve it I don't have ambitious plans to set a higher goal. Instead I'll spend time doing other things like arts & crafts, sewing, gardening, decluttering and simply enjoying life as much as possible this summer. It seems there is never enough time to do everything but stopping to enjoy life is very important especially enjoying time with family and friends while you can. I'm in the process of building a new life as it's been 2 years since my late mom passed, 1 year since my sister in law passed, 1 year since a dear old friend passed, almost 1 year since we lost Grandma Sally and 2 m

What's Up?

Hi friends, I hope you are all doing great and enjoying whatever season you are currently experiencing. It is spring in my part of the world. It came late and as usual the best part for me, the cherry and apple blossoms, were so very fleeting and I hardly got a chance to appreciate and enjoy them. I seem to get a shorter chance each season to enjoy them so I'm always grateful for the photos I manage to take of them each year and for the photos others share on their blogs. If you missed some beautiful blossoms you can enjoy a few here . Much of our spring so far has been cold and rainy. From time to time I hear the weather person saying the temperatures have been seasonal or normal for this time of year with the exception of a few days here and there but in my own recollection it has seemed colder. We had warmer temperatures in January (unseasonably warm) than we did in much of the following months. That should be changing this week as we are supposed to get dry, sunny d