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Wildlife of Kenya

Horned wildlife in Kenya. Impala bucks Water Buffalo of Kenya. In the background are pink flamingos and pelicans . These photos were taken some years back on a trip to the Lake Nakuru National Park. I'm signing off with a very heartwarming video about unlikely friendships between animals. I hope you enjoy it. Watching it I was reminded of how the animals one lived lived together in peace with all other animals and with early humans in the Garden of Eden. I believe that one day the animals will be able to live like that again. Joining up with Eileen at  Saturday's Critters Have an awesome week ahead.

Misty Mountains

Happy Friday everyone, I wish you all the very best that the weekend has to offer. North Shore Ski Hill and lights, Catholic Church steeple in foreground. (click photo to enlarge) Joining in with Skywatch Friday Thank you for stopping by!

Dusk in the City

Joining in with Skywatch Friday . Have a wonderful weekend. ♥♥♥

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Hello blogging friends, We just finished observing Remembrance Day here in Canada as many of you did in other countries. The various holidays of the year have flown by and we just have Christmas to celebrate before the end of the year.  Usually on Remembrance Day it is raining heavily in my city and I always feel badly for the veterans when that have to stand or sit in the rain or shiver in the cold (when it doesn't rain it is usually quite frigid). I was grateful that this year there was no rain for Remembrance Day and in fact the sun came out. It seemed warmer than usual. However, we are expecting more rain this week after a few weeks of wonderful sunshine. Apparently we broke a record for 14 consecutive days of sunshine.  I had to laugh when I heard that and wondered what must go through people's minds when they live elsewhere in the world and hear that. I do live in the rain forest area and we get a lot of rain. It's what gives us fantastic forests and lush green

In Remembrance

We shall remember the sacrifices made for our freedom. November 11, 2019 @ 11 a.m. Tomb of  the Unknown Soldier

A Different View

Joining Skywatch Friday today This week I'm sharing night photos of the sky.  Not day time photos. I was out and about doing errands and just had my phone with me. The phone camera doesn't have great clarity especially at night but it will do in a pinch.  I couldn't go out without trying to capture the beautiful colour and mood in the sky. I took this photo because I like how the windows in the building reflect the colours of the sunset. This photo is taken towards the south. Can you see the crescent moon peeking through the branches? Bus stop in the same general vicinity. This is a wonderful coffee shop that also has great pastries and sandwiches. The weather has been dry all week along with blue skies and sunshine. It's a nice treat after so much rain in September and October.  We have now gone for a record setting 13 consecutive days without rain. I hear it may rain this weekend but it is not a guarantee. Next week it should