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Fall Colours: WW, September 29, 2010

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Crisis Update

Today was a tough day. This is the end of the sidewalk leading up the hill to the hospital. The road below leads into the main part of the downtown core.  Today as I walked to town, there were several emergency vehicles just a few blocks from where this photo was taken. A young man had been run down as he was jay walking. I pray he is all right. I wasn't planning on going in to the hospital to see mom as I am packing at her home.  Although I have made a lot of progress in sorting and packing, I still have quite a lot to do before I leave town for my own home and attend to personal business there. When I left the hospital last night mom was doing well.  But when I called the hospital this morning to say "hello",  a nun who was visiting mom answered the phone and said I must get to hospital immediately as mom really needed me. I guess she was having a nose bleed. I didn't think too much of this since I thought the nun could help mom while she was there. I protest

Blue Monday, September 27, 2010

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Crisis of the Week

Dear friends and fellow bloggers, Some of you will remember that I am here in the City of Kamloops. I was to be here for approximately one month to look after my  mom who came out of hospital two days after I arrived. I had been looking after her and nursing her for a few weeks when she took a sudden turn for the worse. On Wednesday (just passed) as I went to town to pick up some fish for my visiting niece, mom called me and asked me to rush home. When I arrived her lips were turning blue and she was shivering a great deal. She could not get warm. I had to turn on the space heater, get her warm drinks and cover her as best I could.  All the while I kept insisting I should call the ambulance. She said an emphatic "no". We have been through these shivering episodes before and so I took a chance that she would warm up and return to normal.  Previously these episodes have indicated a bladder infection left untreated.  In mom's case she suspected a bladder infection but it

Sky Over Three Days, Sky Watch Friday, September 25, 2010

These photos are taken of the sky above the house across the street. I discovered I had several photos of the same general place which were taken on three different days recently. I thought it was interesting to compare them all. Enjoy! Such a pretty blue sky and a beautiful day. A crisp Fall air can be felt today. I love the shadows cast by a Fall sun. Officially the end of summer was still a few days away. I love the colours in the sky. Join others from around the world for more Sky Watch Friday .

Wordless Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi friends, I thought you might be interested in seeing two very short videos about the water drilled in Marigat, Kenya and the people who will receive the gift of water. For more information about this project see Jonah's blog here. Meet others here for more Wordless Wednesday .

Downtown Kamloops: Scenic Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank you to my newest follower, Kiprotich from Kenya . This is a continuation of a series of photos I've been taking of the City of Kamloops while I am here on a month long stay. I snapped all of these on September 6, 2010 when I first arrived. It was very quiet downtown as it is an annual statutory holiday and very little is open downtown. You can see more photos of this city if you click here , here and here . View towards the north wherein lies the city and beyond that, the rivers and mountains. Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Such a pretty little brick building. I love the balustrade. Canadian and Provincial flags flying on hospital grounds. A view of the city from the 6th floor. Main street of the downtown core. Lamp posts and fare meters for parking. Another view of the main street. Yet another view of the main street. Though virtually everything was closed there were actually quite a few walking downtown. Mostly young people. My guess is

Views of Kamloops

A week ago Monday, I was visiting my mom at the local hospital. If you'd like to, you can read about it here .  I had to walk up this hill to get to the hospital. I thought you might like to see some views along the way. It was a statutory holiday here in my province that day so the streets were rather quiet. The big  building in the middle at the end of the street is the hospital. On the right is the red brick Catholic Church. In the distance you can see an old brick school on the left side just beyond the parking lot. In the distance you can see the mountains. The city of Kamloops is located in a narrow valley and has been built up around the junction of the North and South Thompson Rivers. A quiet street  facing the front of the old brick school house in the previous photo. In the Summer, this street is the location of a farmer's market where you can purchase wonderful produce and baked goods. On market days this street is lively, colourful and lots of fun. A