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Summarizing Current Life Happenings

Hi friends and fellow bloggers,   I hope all of you are doing well. I've been seeing that many countries have experienced huge snowfalls over the past week. Where I live we were also expecting snow but it never arrived in my neighbourhood. Sky this Week The sky this week has been heavy with rain.  I was actually hoping for some snow for a change of pace but it looks like rain in the forecast for the next few days at least. The sky on Tuesday, January 25, 2021   I got this little surprise on Monday, January 18, 2021. These pansy blooms popped up in a long neglected pot. The sky on Monday, January 24, 2021  Cooking Cooking is a daily need for most of us. Here are a few of the things that have been on the menu this past week.   Cabbage and navy bean soup in tomato broth Shrimp and vegetable stir fry over steamed rice Spaghettini and Parmesan cheese with Kielbasa sausage and vegetables Ham and pea soup with freshly baked bread rolls I baked some bread and gave a loaf to my nephew. Chri

A Quick Stop

Hello everyone, Happy Friday and happy weekend to all of you.    I know the daily news is dreary and sometimes frightening, for many of us right now.  But here's to hoping that you will find something to make you smile or give you joy this weekend.   Where I live we've been deluged with rain and also a couple days of extremely windy weather.  I heard the meteorologist say the wind was moving southeast after it left us.   I was glad to see the backside of both the rain and the wind even if was only for today. When you get the days like today you forget all about the rainy days.   I've been wanting to capture some waterfront scenes for all of you for quite some time.  I'm glad I was finally able to do it. These scenes were taken from a place called Ferguson Point in Stanley Park. Anyone who has been to the Teahouse Restaurant across the street will know how to find the point.  This is the first time I've stopped at the point and I'm glad I did even though my visi

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hello friends,  I'm popping in briefly to usher in the New Year. I'm easing my way into 2021 as I started the year feeling very tired. I'm still working on an intensive paper project and I find it difficult to find "free" time each day to work on it but I'm doing my best and I hope I will be back to usual activities in a few weeks or possibly sooner. Let me wish you and all your loved ones a blessed 2021 as we begin this New Year. I'm grateful that my friends and family and I have made it this far and I look forward to a breakthrough in 2021 through this pandemic in a way that will see us being able to meet up once more in person. That is my hope like I know it is the hope of many of you.   Though I'm technically still on a social media break I have been reading a number of your blogs here and there but I've restrained myself from commenting so I do not get too distracted.  Some of you have written about choosing a theme word for the year. I too ha