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Update - Kenyan Missions

Eunice is the woman in the photo. Eunice is a widow of many years and has raised several children mostly on her own.  Like many people in Kenya, she and her children live in the villages and they eke out a living as best they can. They have little for their own needs let alone funds for dealing with major life challenges. It is a real challenge just to try and eat, let alone eat a nutritious diet.  Other things that we in the developed nations take for granted like eating out, travelling, buying books/clothing/household needs,  medicines and so on are luxuries.  The small amount of funds they are able to make are mainly used for meager food supplies and telephone data. Everyone in Kenya must have a phone of some kind as that is the way to stay in touch, do business and banking. Eunice is from a village near Kericho, Kenya where she taught Sunday School for over 40 years. She retired from this role a few years ago but before she could enjoy her down time she became sick and has be

Eunice Needs Medical Help

*Awaiting Access to Go Fund Me page to update.  Thank you.* Please share widely One of my faithful readers asked me privately about a month ago if I have considered a Go Fund Me Campaign for Eunice.  I had not due to being so busy with other things but now I've had a moment to do so. Eunice is the women in the center of the photo and she has been in hospital for months because she cannot afford the proper treatment for her medical issues.  I need everyone's help in sharing and spreading this campaign page.  I'm not sure if this is the right fundraising platform to start a campaign but with your help in sharing we can do something to help Eunice. Here is the link for copying and pasting You can also get to the campaign page to copy and page by clicking on the photo caption. I will update the page as

The Last Guest Goes Home

(I apologize for the blot on one of my sky photos. It looks like my lens need cleaning but I'm afraid to scratch them so have been delaying the task). The sun is going down quickly. Unofficially summer is now over. My house guests have all gone home ~ just. The garden/s have stopped producing though the geraniums are still bright and thriving.  The geraniums always last a long time and that probably explains why they are one of my favourite container plants. Soon I will need to clear the debris from the garden and organize the patio for the winter season.  Unfortunately I didn't seem to have time to sit out and enjoy the patio this summer as I had planned. Perhaps next summer will be better as I hope I will be finished with the major decluttering by then and won't have annoying tasks hanging over my head. I'm reading a book or two. I just finished the interesting booked entitled Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine . It's a good thing I enjoyed the book a l

Waning Days of Summer

Hi friends, These are some photos I took on my one and only trip to the beach this summer. There were quite a few people there and a lot of photographers set up with their equipment right at the waterfront. In some cases they blocked the best views but I don't mind. I'm not a pro and I just wanted a few nice photos. When I framed my photos I cropped out as many people as possible :-) The beach outing was really for my niece so she could walk in the sand and see the waterfront. After the sun set we stopped for an ice cream on the way home. A simple little outing which was quite enjoyable. In previous years I've mentioned how the weather changes from hot to a bit chilly overnight as of September 1st. This year I noticed it getting chillier a bit earlier.  It is still nice and sunny during the day time.  But now I need a little covering to keep at a comfortable temperature if I'm going to be out after dark. Joining in with Skywatch F