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Eunice is the woman in the photo. Eunice is a widow of many years and has raised several children mostly on her own.  Like many people in Kenya, she and her children live in the villages and they eke out a living as best they can. They have little for their own needs let alone funds for dealing with major life challenges. It is a real challenge just to try and eat, let alone eat a nutritious diet.  Other things that we in the developed nations take for granted like eating out, travelling, buying books/clothing/household needs,  medicines and so on are luxuries.  The small amount of funds they are able to make are mainly used for meager food supplies and telephone data. Everyone in Kenya must have a phone of some kind as that is the way to stay in touch, do business and banking.

Eunice is from a village near Kericho, Kenya where she taught Sunday School for over 40 years. She retired from this role a few years ago but before she could enjoy her down time she became sick and has been in and out of hospitals for treatment.  She has been in a private hospital in  Nakuru, Kenya for several months after spending time at the mission hospital in Tenwek near Bomet.  The hospitals are several hours away from her home and family. Her main health challenges are acute anemia and high blood pressure which seem to be health issues on the maternal side of the family.

Eunice's family and I have been trying to get her the medical help she needs and it has been difficult to fully understand the nature of her condition.  Mostly we have been responding to urgent medical needs to keep her alive.  Such interventions include keeping her supplied with oxygen, blood and special food as needed.  But these treatments have only been keeping her going rather than healed any underlying health issues.

Her family and I have been trying to get her the medical help she needs but it has taken a long while to fully grasp the nature of her condition. Thus far we have been able to keep her going and to do the urgent things for her care.   We have been keeping her supplied with oxygen, blood and special food when we can but it has been challenging financially to do what is required.  Whatever we have done has only kept her alive and hasn't addressed any underlying health issues. 

We are now at the point of trying some expensive medications and a more consistent special diet to see if this combined approach will give her the boost she needs to fully recover.  It has been about 8 days on this new regime and Eunice seems to be stabilizing but once again we are running out of funds. We are urgently trying to raise the funds needed so she can get the required treatment for at least another month.

Funds are needed for pay for the medications, blood and oxygen when required, care in Intensive Care Unit and if moved, general ward costs. Since she is in hospital hours away from her home town, we also need a bit of funds for food for her son or daughter who accompany her and visit her every day. They do not live in Nakuru where Eunice is currently in hospital and she cannot be moved due to an unpaid hospital bill.  Eunice actually has medical insurance but the hospital costs are much more than what insurance has paid and what I could add.

Here is a budget breakdown for the next month or two.

Current medicine costs are 5000 Kenyan shillings (KSH) for every 5 days (approx $65 (Canadian), $50 (US), $71 (Australian), $44 (Euros) 39 Pounds Sterling.

Funds are needed for at least one month  5000 KSH  x 6 = 30,000 KSH. Two months is 60,000 KSH.
Approximate costs for oxygen and blood is 7000 KSH (approx $95 Canadian) for each pint of blood or each tank of oxygen.  She will likely need more than one of each.

High Dependency Unit (called in Intensive Care in some countries) or General Ward costs would be additional but for now we seek support for medicines.

For family support costs for one person is as follows:
Food costs are 1500 Kenyan shillings for 2 days or 1500 x 15 for one month is =22500  Kenyan shillings.
30,000 +22500 Kenyan shillings =52, 500 Kenyan shillings minimum per month  ($673 (Canadian), $507 (US), $746 (Australian), 458 (Euros), 404 (Pounds Sterling)

Other costs, travel back and forth to the hospital (5600 KSH per month), occasional travel to home 3000 KSH per month), food (30,000 KSH per month), lodgings (45,000 KSH per month). Approximate cost for one month 83,600 KSH.  Cost for 2 months approx. 167,200 KSH. 

The family expresses gratitude for anyone who is able to contribute.  They realize that it is a completely selfless act. One person cannot do it all but many people working together can do a lot.

Please share this need as widely as you can. Thank you so much.


Thank you to those who have been touch.


In Other news

Most of you know that Ernest (in Kenya) has been recovering at home from the leg injury he suffered after being run over by a motor bike taxi. 
As of Friday, September 20th he will have the plaster removed from his leg and be able to walk without the crutches he has been using over the past months.

On behalf of his family, thank you to those who helped him with medical costs.


If anyone would like to help this man he has an ongoing need for nutritious food ($50), diabetes medicine  ($7) and delivery of clean drinking water ($40).  All funds stated in Canadian dollars for a one month period.

You can reach me by email if you would like to help Ernest.

Photos show Ernest at his release from hospital and in the field at home.


  1. Oh my, such needs that we cannot begin to understand here in the state. Praying for these dear ones, and for the funds to come in that they need to survive. May God raise up faithful people who are able to give. Praying for their healing and strength. Thank you for your love for these dear ones and for sharing their plight with others. Praying now.

  2. There is so much in the world we don't know. Thank you for sharing this, for telling us about this community and these strong, brave people.

  3. I do echo Jeannie's thoughts …
    Thank you for sharing this, for telling us about this community and these strong, brave people.
    My thoughts and prayers for them.

    All the best Jan

  4. Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing this.

  5. You have such a beautiful heart for these dear souls.
    Thank you for caring and sharing this need with us so that we may pray and help in a time of need.

    God be with you ♡

  6. Thank you dear friends for all your heart felt comments and prayers. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. God bless ♡

  7. I will share your post on facebook if you will allow. That will pass it around, hopefully.

  8. Shared on FAcebook. Hopefully others will share it as well now.

  9. Hello,
    Thank you for caring and sharing this post. My thoughts and prayers are with them! Take care and have a great new week ahead!

  10. Sometimes people need a little helpful hand. I hope they get the help they need soon x


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