Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is the day which the LORD hath made;

we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Oh it has been a busy day today.

First, I awoke a bit late so I didn't go to church this morning. I decided to go to the apartment tonight and take in an evening service instead.

I was chatting with a young brother in Kenya and he told me the story of how God miraculously provided money to his father so that his college tuition could be paid. Some of my friends and I have been praying for this young brother, so his testimony was greatly encouraging to me. Needless to say, he was also ecstatic over God's provision for him.

As we were chatting, I received word that my nephew had made an unannounced day trip to Vancouver where I live. It is a 5 hour journey each way by car. He had come down with friends to try and see the Cold Play concert even though he had no ticket and the concert was sold out. I set about readying the hotel suite for guests and getting a parking pass organized for him.

When they got here, his friends decided to go down the street for fabulous Greek food at a well known establishment. My nephew went off with my brother to try and purchase tickets for the show.

The young girl in the photo above is named, "Sarah". She is an international student from Accra, Ghana and it turns out she didn't have a ticket for the concert either. We were able to have a quick visit about her homeland where I visited a few years ago before her and her friends went for their Greek dinner. The young man next to Sarah is Nick, then Joel and my nephew Ryan. It turns out that my brother was able to secure tickets to the concert for both my nephew and for Sarah.

Next up was the evening service where I was treated to some rousing singing by the new choir. This is the first evening service I've attended and I enjoyed enough to want to return.

At my church there are three distinct congregations that worship together in the same building. It is all the same body but each service has its own pastor and worship leaders. Congregants usually attend one of the three services on Sundays and the one I generally attend is the 2nd service on Sunday mornings. We have also started a new sister church on the other side of town, about half way between the church and one of the city's major universities.

I enjoyed evening service and will try to attend again soon mainly because it seems as if they are not having to rush away after service. They spend time trying to build a community of people by having refreshments and mingling. They also do this in the morning but it is harder to do when one service immediately follows the other and the second service ends when most people are having lunch. The evening service has a bit more luxury in terms of time for gathering afterward and this is what I desire.

On my way home, I "ran into" this bull on the sidewalk. The last time I passed this spot an eagle was in his place. I think they change the animal or fowl according to whatever artistic efforts are underway in the city at any given time so it is always interesting to see what you will come across next.

I also passed by our main public library. I love the curves of this building. The library is housed in the shorter circular building. The high rise contains federal (national) government offices.

I got home late and am a little tired but this beautiful scene awaited me. Every night I get to see something this spectacular and I love it!

I forgot to mention that the sermon tonight was on John 17, part of which included how Jesus prayed to his Father to give us, his disciples, joy. How awesome is that?!!

And those my friends, were the key "joyful" vignettes of my day. I hope you also had some "joyful" vignettes in yours. ♥♥♥

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