Blue Monday, June 14, 2010

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Due to travels and busyness, I am late with my Blue Monday submission. I hope you like the flowers. If you look closely enough you can see a bumble bee.  Gotta love them too since they make the wonderful honey.

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  1. Glorious blue blossoms.... I am not familiar with that plant. Yes, I see the bee.
    Glad you are home now.
    Blessings - Jan

  2. Ooo, you are way too late; I'm so sorry. Blue Monday is on each Monday, beginning at midnight EST. It closes after 11 PM. I do hope you try again--maybe next Monday. : -)


  3. Love love it but please excuse my ignorance...what flowers are they ? at first i thought it was lavender but now i can see it's not..
    This is a wonderful blue wednesday, dear Joyful! :-)

  4. Hi Jan, thank you for dropping by. It is good to be back home for a little while. I am not 100% sure about the plant either but I believe it is called Veronica or Speedwell..

    Smiling Sally, on my, yours is the only meme I participate in that cuts off submissions so early. Why is that ?

    Bossy Betty, thank you for dropping in. Glad you liked the blue plant.

    Lala, don't worry that you don't know the name of the plant. I've seen it quite a lot myself and still don't know the proper name. I looked up some photos on the internet and I believe it is a Veronica or Speedwell. It does look a lot like a lavender plant but doesn't have that wonderful lavender smell. If you google Veronica or Speedwell, you will see that this plant has been used for medicinal purposes.

  5. I see the bee! I'm so glad you saved your post to share with Blue Monday folks.

    To answer your question, I shut the meme down when it's no longer Monday. Twenty-three hours of computer work is enough for me! LOL

  6. I enjoyed what you featured today, regardless of when you did it. Those flowers are very, very pretty.

  7. that 's certainly a lovely kind of blue!

    have a great day!

    Moving forward

    Fickle In Pink

    P.S. following!


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