I Do Love Antiques

I am not sure why but I have always loved antiques and I have a few pieces that I cherish. I wrote before about one such piece which I will sell due to it being too large for my condo.  That didn't stop me from buying another treasure.  This one I purchased more for practicality than anything.

My latest acquisition is a Chinese Elm wood blanket chest. It is about 150 years old so not terribly old but I like the character it has. I immediately wiped out the inside and filled it with some of my craft supplies which are overflowing in the living room.  I covered the stop with some of my African craft finds and my Aloe Vera plant which really does need to be re-potted into a larger container.

I have been wanting a Chinese antique for years.  Initially, I was thinking of an altar table to be used in my front entry.  But really I have no room in that area because it isn't a hallway and that is where I have bookshelves housing many of my books.  The altar tables don't have the kind of practicality I need since they don't have doors and drawers to hide things.  I think this piece is more suitable for my needs.

I got it for a wonderful bargain and paid almost one quarter of the original price. These days, antique shopping is a luxury for most people and the store owner is branching out in many ways to try and save her business. She can no longer afford to just sell antiques. She understood the value of off loading her inventory by giving me a fabulous deal.  It also helped that I had my eye on other pieces in a different shop and so knew my prices as well as the market right now.  Learning how to establish bottom lines and haggling in Kenyan market places has helped me here at home. At least with stores that aren't big box stores.

I'm very pleased with this piece. I see that I  need to give it a good cleaning on the outside as well but that can wait until I re-organize things a bit more.

What about you dear reader? Do you prefer antiques that have the character and vibe of days gone by or do you prefer the modern look?


  1. I love antiques! And that is a beautiful piece which you got. Don't you wish you knew who owned it earlier and how they lived, etc.?

  2. Hello Sunita, I really do like the piece too. And, yes, I do wish I knew about the people who owned it before and how they lived. All I know is it comes from China and is about 150 years old. Thank you for your visit. Please come again ;-)

  3. I love antiques as well. If I had the money I would have only antiques in my house.

  4. You've found a great chest! It looks grand and fairy in good shape.

  5. My house in Texas had several older pieces, but not antique, more retro. The house was built in 1957, so I decorated in that style. Now my house is more modern even though it was built in 1925. Love your newest acquisition.

  6. I love all antiques. But as far as owning - I only want what is practical or useful in my house. Still love to see others.

  7. Firefly, I'm with you. I love antiques although in the last few years I've been drawn more and more to modern stuff. This latest piece fits right in though.

  8. Mumsy, yes the chest is very good condition. I like the character nicks it has!

  9. Roan, it sounds like you have many styles you can live with. For me, I like antiques mostly but I blend in some modern pieces also. I don't like to change up furniture too often as that seems to be a waste of funds. I barely ever replace things. If you've read any of my old posts, you will see that I even have my towels for decades. Thankfully I'm not a hoarder and have spent the last year trying to get rid of stuff.

  10. Fred, I am a practical person too. I live in a condo not a big house so I don't have room for anything that isn't also practical.


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