Calling All Plus Size Ladies

Dear friends,

I've finally decided I will try to sell some of my little used clothing. I have a lot of clothing I used for work and also some clothing I've never worn for summer.  I want to make room in my closets and also make some funds to send to the mission field. I hope you will tell your family and friends so that when I have finished taking photos of the inventory, you will be ready to take advantage of the sales.

All clothes are of excellent quality and mostly from the high end stores. I want to upload these items soon so that the sweaters I have can be in someone's hand during the cooler weather.  I also have some dresses for summer wear in case you are taking a cruise this winter or going to a warmer climate for the coming Christmas holiday.

Gently used boiled wool jacket sweater. Perfect for Fall and Winter.
I know of two places on line that specialize in clothing sales (not ebay or Craigslist). When I post  for sale, I will put a notice here on my blog.  Sizing and brand information as well as price and shipping information will available wherever I post the clothing. All sales will be done through Pay Pal.

If you know of any websites that you like to deal with and that specialize in sales of plus size clothing please let me know.

Stay tuned!


  1. I wish you much success with selling your clothes. They look lovely.

    I agree about the pomegranate seeds - much rather have the juice!

  2. Great idea. I gave mine to Goodwill, but I think I am going to sell all of my Vera Bradley bags on EBay or Craig’s List. Every little penny counts these days. Sorry you did not see the dog in my post. What looked like a god was the melted water on the roadway that looked white. genie

  3. What a great idea for raising funds for missions.

  4. Hello Joyful.
    Really good idea.
    Here in Denmark we have some container we can put clothes in, it gets sent to Africa, perhaps electricity. - To places where they need help.
    I thought that it is a good idea, rather than just throwing it away.

    Wishing you a good day.
    Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  5. Barb, thank you. I just noticed that my woolen sweater is a bit close to the pomegranate juice colour.

  6. Hi Genie, thank you for your visit. I've given bags and bags of stuff to the goodwill and through freecycle over the past year. I'm planning of selling only a fraction of what I've had over all to get rid of. It will be good to make some funds for the missions work I like to support in Kenya.

  7. Hanne, it is good that Denmark makes it easy for you to send clothes to Africa. Do you know that when the containers of clothes get to Africa that they are then sold to people who then make a business and sell clothes to the citizens? Most people don't know that and think they are giving clothes so people can wear them for free.

  8. Magic eye, thank you for your visit!

  9. This is a very kind thing to do. It's good that with your experience you are finding the most direct way to be sure that people get what you are giving.

  10. YEs I would be interested in dress clothes, dresses, blouses, sweaters, skirts, I wear XL if you have any of them. Thanks

  11. Dear Penny,
    That's a great idea to put your clothes on blog. It looks like you have beautiful stuff. good luck!!! me

  12. Thank you Clair. I like to ensure my contributions get into the hands of those that really need them.

  13. Hi Barbara, I'm so glad you will be able to look at my things. I hope you can find something you like!

  14. Brenda, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for this missions effort.

  15. Good luck to you!
    I would love to check out your plus size clothing collection as soon as you have them ready.


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