Macro Flowers ~ October 14, 2011

I spotted these Black Eyed Susans in a garden on my last visit to the TCM doctor for an acupuncture treatment.

I enjoyed giving this flower some special effects.

There are always beautiful flowers to be seen at two sites by clicking on the badges below.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1


  1. You KNOW I love these!!! Thanks so much for these sunny beauties!

  2. Lovely flowers, and a great job you have done with special effects! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Hi Penny, I have these yellow flowers in the garden, they emit a lot of summer and sun in our garden ... we clear out tomorrow, it takes time and effort you warm greetings from the Geli

  4. I love black-eyed Susans! Plucked Frances a handful recently out in the wild and she loved them as much as if I'd brought her a bouquet from the Flower Shop! ☺

  5. Sonnenblumen, ganz wundervoll ♥

  6. The effects is beautiful. But I noticed the middle part of the flower is different it's beautiful.


  7. They are beautiful flowers.
    I'm not a big fan of processing but this here looks nice.

  8. They are so beautiful. Nice work with the effects.

  9. i like the flower on the fence and also the special effects. very nice! thanks for joining weekend flowers :)

  10. They are such a beauty, just love them.

  11. leuchtendes Gelb..wunderschön eingefangen

    einen LG vom katerchen zum wochenende

  12. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos full of joy and sun !
    Happy after !

  13. Hejsa.
    Smukke, smukke blomster.
    Jeg forsøgte at oprette et billede på
    Marco Flowers - Saturday, men det kunne ikke lade sig gøre.
    Ønsker dig en rigtig god week-end.
    Knus Hanne Bente ♥

  14. Just gorgeous. Love these flowers and your photos too. Hope the acupuncture is doing some good.

  15. My dear friend,
    It's so nice that you take the time to smell(take pictures) of the beautiful flowers along life's journey.
    hugs me

  16. Hello everyone,

    Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging comments. The colours of nature always lift my spirits.


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