Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Wee Bit of Good News

Every third month I go to a diabetes workshop run by my doctor and the medical clinic's nurse. I missed the last workshop and so it has been six months already since I was there last.

At the workshop we get a little education and each member of the group is provided with their updated cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and weight numbers. We are also given any shots we might need.

I was a bit anxious over my numbers as the last time I went my blood sugar was a little higher, again. My blood pressure was also a wee bit elevated. I had also gained weight since the last workshop I attended.

I was happy to find that my blood sugar levels have in fact improved and I am nearing normal. My weight has returned to where it was, however my blood pressure has gone up a bit more. I'm not sure if it was hidden salt in the breakfast I ate and the coffee I had within half an hour of being tested, the white coat syndrome or just rushing to get to the clinic on time.  They let me rest awhile when I told them I felt my blood pressure was high and that it didn't usually get that way. Sure enough my blood pressure was elevated. I guess this is what they call prehypertension.  My blood pressure is not yet at the level considered high but it has been elevated more than not, on my last several visits to the clinic and something I need to get a grip on.   Now.

I think if I continue with my new dietary habits, get more fibre and get a bit more exercise and practise deep breathing, my blood pressure should come down.  I guess my real challenge is that I continue to have leg and mobility issues and that affects my ability to exercise or even get around as well as I need.  But assuming I can do some light exercise and all the other "right things", my blood sugars should also continue to improve in addition to the blood pressure.

I also asked my doctor to reduce the cholesterol medication I have been on. I asked for it to be halved since I feel it is too high.  The medication is causing cramping in the legs and the problem seems to be getting worse after months of no side effects.  She agreed to reduce my dosage.  I guess we will see how this affects my cholesterol levels the next time I get a full blood work up next year.  I am really hoping by then that I can go off this medication altogether.

This bit of good news made my day.



Jo said...

Praise God for that bit of news, Penny. I continue to pray for you daily (and for your dear mom). I believe you are so on the right track, and contunually refer back to your recipes on good eating. Thanks my dear friend. May you have a wonderful weekend too. (((Hugs))) Jo

Joyful said...

Hello dear, Jo. It was indeed a praiseworthy report :-) I thank you so much for praying for me and for my mom who continues to do much better since her last hospital stay in May. God is good. Hugs xx

Fred Alton said...

How wonderful, Penny, that your health is improving this way! Good news, indeed.

Vores have said...

Dejligt at du er i bedring.
Nu ved jeg ikke om du spiser lakrids- men det kan også give "lidt" forhøjet blodtryk.
Håber alt godt for dig.
Ønsker dig god week-end.
Knus Hanne Bente ♥

Na Na said...

Penny that's great news. I wish my own levels had changed that much. Like you, I'm trying.

Lonicera said...

So is it the statins I take that give me leg cramps? I've never experienced such pain - and in the middle of the night when I'm fast asleep...
Question: when you blood sugar is high or a bit high, do you find you get very tired and want to sleep a lot??

KT said...

I am sorry to hear that your leg and mobility issues continue - it must be difficult.

I have heard that resistance training really can help a lot of with blood sugar. I know that our local park district offers some assistance to those of us who are not "body builders" with the weights!

Unknown said...

That's great news! I hope the new dosage of your cholesterol medication works well.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Penny, I do hope that makes a difference for you! The flower is pretty!
I was able to leave a comment..I had to go to urgent care yesterday and interesting enough I may have a problem with my kidney's. Long story short, I feel kind of down ..just wanted to get on briefly and make a few comments and perhaps get a post off that's sitting in my draft..wishing you a peaceful weekend
~(hug and prayers)~

Anonymous said...

auch von hier ein wunderschönes Wochenende

so wie die Blume :D
bis dann das katerchen

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