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We're still having very unsettled weather where I live.  

On Friday it hailed and rained heavily for much of the day and the temperature dipped low enough to turn on the indoor heating for the night.

I tried to capture the hail in the photos above and below.

The rain makes puddles on the patio pavers. You can see how big the drops are by looking at the circles in the puddle.

In between raining and hailing, it would dry up for an hour or two and start all over again.

Monday the weather was a bit better and I tried to get a few photos of the garden.

I love this Solomon's Seal (photos above and below). It comes up nicely every year and needs no maintenance.

I just bought these pansies last week and I am only now noticing the spots on the leaves. I will have to check into how to remedy that. I don't think I've ever had that on any of my previous pansies. I didn't select the healthiest starter pansies.

When it stops raining the weather is quite lovely.

 I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Lovely shots of the hail - they look like little pearls.

  2. Cool shots of hail!
    It is hot and hotter here!!

  3. Nice shots of hail and big raindrops. The past week has been like an early summer, warm and breezy, after unstable weather. Wish you warmer days.


  4. Hi Joyful, Thank you for sharing these spring photos! As usual you are an inspiration getting your garden started and already enjoying some of the color and beauty of the flowers on your balcony. My goodness, I'm going to have to get busy if I'm going to be able to enjoy some plants like yours. Regarding the weather: Wow, how long has it been since you've had hail in Vancouver? We hardly ever have hail here in Seattle but I wouldn't be surprised to see some in the days ahead with the strange weather we've been having. Over the weekend it was quite cool, but then yesterday, Monday, it really warmed up ... the TV weather person said 80s F in some of the neighborhoods. Must have been our warmest day so far this year. I am going to have to check out Our World Tuesday meme. Thanks for sharing and have an excellent week ahead!

  5. Hello, the weather seem to be crazy lately.. The hail can do a lot of damage.. Your plants and flowers are beautiful. And I love the late shot, a beautiful view. Have a happy week!

  6. I do hope the rain let's up's hard when the weather is unsettling. Though your garden looks so fresh beautiful and happy!! Wishing you all good things this week!! Nicole xo

  7. Oh Joyful, I love the Solomon's Seal, IT IS FANTASTIC.

  8. The weather can be very unpredictable your garden is coming along nicely x

  9. the garden looks beautiful and will reap the benefits of all that rain. mother nature has a way of taking care of things!!!! your view of the mountains is beautiful!!!!

  10. Flying up to NE Illinois from Florida last week was a real shock. Temps dropped below freezing with some flurries. Then it rained steadily and the wind howled. Finally, today dawned bright and fair, and the trees are bursting with flowers-- all in the space of a week. Glorious spring I'd here!

  11. Wish you could send some precipitation up here! Your Solomon's seal is lovely! Pansies are one of my favourite flowers. Have a great week!

  12. Your world sounds wet. :) ours has been wet too, but we die need it. We did not get as much snow this winter as we usually do causing fear for a dry summer. We have a lot of beetle kill pine trees near our property which concerns us should it be too dry.
    I tried working in the yard all week end but to no avail, the rain would take over every time I went out to rake.
    Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

    Enjoy your week,

  13. Oops! I wanted to say we "sure" need it, not die.
    Spell check:)

  14. Beautiful landscapes and nice images of your garden!
    Rainy weather here in Turin, too.

  15. Beautiful blooms of Solomon's Seal and pansies. Hope you will find a remedy to restore the pansies to health. Lovely scenery shots.
    Over here it is also raining heavily every day and some of my plants are affected too.

  16. Solomon seal grows in the woods here and I've never seen it in someone's garden. It looks lovely in yours.

  17. Oh my goodness look at all that hail! Your flowers are beautiful.

  18. Seems like the weather we are having here. I am going to buy pansies soon to decorate the front of my house:)
    Nice to see your part of the world:)


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