Skies in November

It's always pretty to see the sunlight glinting off the windows in the far distance.


At this time of year when the light is scarce, a clear and sunny day is a precious gift.

 Have a great evening.

Joining in with Skywatch Friday today.


  1. You really do have beautiful views where you live x

  2. Its a great view! Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely view and a pretty sunny day! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Very pretty. My husband and I are fortunate to live in an area where warm and sunny days often surprise us in the midst of winter.
    Please feel free to come visit and link up at

  5. nice shot!

  6. Hi Joyful, A pretty evening shot indeed. I love the steeple at St. Patricks! Wishing you a fine weekend ahead!

  7. Lovely view of the mountains !! I see that this is a wonderful place!

  8. I do enjoy your skywatches! Another lovely one!


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