Summer Arrived

Since I wrote last we've had a spell of warm, sometimes hot weather. The kind where you need to throw the windows wide open at night so you don't suffocate.

Thankfully this year there has been little of the really hot, uncomfortable weather. We've had just enough (for me) to remind me that it's summer.

To cope with the heat and stale air inside, I've been taking my breakfast outside on the patio.  It's very refreshing.

Blueberries, shredded wheat and almond milk.

I haven't yet got around to the small projects I need to do around the house. the weather has been a bit too warm for that and I've been feeling tired since Thursday.

It turns out I have a summer cold.
I haven't had one of those for ages. I must have caught cold with the fan going and at night it can be a bit chilly with the windows open.

I've been using my time to sleep and catch up on reading.
I recently completed The Paris Secret.

I'm nearing completion of The Valley of Amazement (81% completed)
and, I'm about one third of the way through a new book
The Children of the Stone.

I am not sure if I've mentioned it before but I'm working on getting consistent sleep and better sleep as a way of helping my health.
I've been at this new regime for about one month with varying degrees of success.
I thought it would be a way to determine if inadequate sleep is impacting my blood glucose management.
My new sleep routine seems to be having a very positive impact on my blood glucose numbers. In fact, now I'm having problems keeping from getting numbers that are too low, at least when I get good sleep.
In addition to impacts on blood glucose, I've found lack of sleep has immediate effects on blood pressure (mine is normal but can run on high side of normal at times), body aches and pains and general tolerance for the daily things of life.
I've always known this intellectually, but experiencing and observing the affects first hand is something quite different.

I found an interesting study on the impact of lack of sleep on diabetics and took this photo (click to enlarge) of  one interesting page.

I'm slowly catching up to paperwork and a few small tasks.
It feels good to move forward but I'm expecting another summer guest soon.
Before she arrives I need to make progress on all my errands and a few projects around the house and garden.

A photo of my patio garden taken on Friday.

I hope your summer is going well.

We have so many summer festivals here.  There are multiple festivals and events going on every week and it's hard to keep up to what is going on in the city.  I guess that is all good for the tourists.
As for me, I'm enjoying staying home and the peace and quiet as I convalesce.
Another long weekend comes to an end today. I found it quiet and peaceful in my neighbourhood.  Long weekends the locals like to get out to visit relatives or go camping.

We will be back to rain this week if the weather forecast is to be believed.
I don't mind for the garden to get another good soak.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy August!

Our World Tuesday


  1. Loved the picture of your patio garden!

  2. Nice shots. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hello, your patio looks like a wonderful spot to have your breakfast. I hope you are feeling better, summer colds can be awful. Pretty images! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. A summer composition. At fist I thought it was water in shot #1.

  5. Once I figured it out, I realized sleep is my best friend. Now I'm so used to my nine hours a night that I can't keep my eyes open past bedtime.

  6. Your garden looks very pretty. I hope they get that much needed rain and I hope the weather cools down for you. Enjoy the showers.
    How was Paris secret?

  7. Interesting article on sleep and diabetes. I also have fibromyalgia which interferes with sleep. I'm glad you are seeing some good numbers with your sleep pattern.

  8. It seems that retired people are just busy. We volunteer and have the same or more to do at home. Sleep influences much in our life and much influences sleep. Sleep apnea is baddie.

  9. May your health improve soonest. I just read your link about your work with children in Africa, may God bless you more, and may you enjoy life well too. Thank you.

  10. The Paris Secret looks good, have just added it to my wish list :-) Keep cool Diane

  11. I do not do well with the hot weather and it doesn't help my Asthma or Holly's eczema, I hope your health improves,but feel you do work hard to find ways to help yourself x


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