Thursday, September 7, 2023

One Thursday in September

I watch the cooking show Mary Makes it Easy and saw this chicken pot pie hand pie recipe being made.  I decided to try it out because the hand pies appealed to me as a 'grab and go' snack or an easy meal served with a side salad.  I also made some chicken pasta soup so I don't have to cook tomorrow. I usually give myself a day or two off from cooking on a Friday or a Saturday.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).

I have to fast for an abdominal ultrasound in the morning but have already tried the hand pies and they are delicious. I still have some filling and will make more very soon but have to buy more ready made pastry or make some.

I try to get in a short walk every other day or so.  These are some photos I took around 8 p.m. last night just as the sun was setting.

I had to return a few books to the library.  If interested I would recommend The Rose Code by Kate Quinn and the Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hall Kelly.  The first book is quite fascinating and is based loosely on historical facts about the role of women as codebreakers in WW2.  The other book, is also based on true events of a woman who pursued a medical career as a nurse during the time of the US Civil War when women in the battlefield were considered a bother.

I also picked up this book which I'd placed on hold.  Chita is the memoir of Chita Rivera,  famous for appearing as Anita in the Broadway musical West Side Story, among many other roles. I saw her a few weeks ago on the Tamron Hall Show and she still looks and sounds fantastic.  She's a true inspiration at 90 years of age, still limber and dancing on the stage.

Here is the interview if you'd like to see it too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jeanie said...

Now that's a book I'd love to read. She is an amazing woman and such a force in theatre. The apple turnover dish looks good!

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