Sunday, February 25, 2024

Happy New Week to You

Happy New Week to you friends and fellow bloggers.  This week we face the end of February and the beginning of March. I'm wondering if it will be a cold one or a warmer one.  Right now the forecast seems to be for a cold one with possible snow once or twice this week but we will see. I guess I'm skeptical but anything can happen. 

It's actually been somewhat warm here recently as evidenced by what I found yesterday (Saturday) in my neighbourhood.  Today, although I don't have a photo, there were far more blossoms on the tree than there were yesterday.  But later on Sunday the temperature plummeted.

Tonight when I went for a walk and a few errands,  I had to wear my gloves to keep my fingertips warm. I hope the sudden cold won't harm the cherry blossoms.  Although there have been some periods of great cold snaps around the province, even in Vancouver, there has not been enough snowfall overall.  In fact, many ski hills were not able to open for their usual ski seasons due to lack of snow. All this is not good for the summer when it's predicted to be very hot once again.

In home news, I found this recipe in a magazine dedicated to one pot dinners. It's called Pecan Chicken with Brussels Sprouts and Apples. I made it Saturday night and I omitted the pecans because I didn't have any. I also omitted the sugar because the balsamic vinegar and apples was enough to sweeten the dish.  It turned out delicious.  Now I have a new chicken dish to add to my repertoire when I need a quick and tasty meal. The other one pot chicken dish I like a lot is Creamy Tuscan Chicken.  But I don't always have sun dried tomatoes on hand and I also don't always want to have a creamy dish.

This year I hope to do a lot more things creatively but I'm not off to a rousing start. I'm still reading a bit more than I'd planned but soon the garden/s need planting so we'll see how I make out. It's also tax time again and that always keeps me busy as I do the taxes for DH and I jointly. It means, I have to corral all the receipts for the both of us which is hard enough to do with one of us. I'm sure some of you understand what I mean.

Besides keeping busy in various ways, I'm still trying to be a bit creative. A friend in England sent me this adult colouring book. I see that I need better lighting to colour within the lines and since I like felt tip pens I think I need to work on pressure of ink application. Either that or buy some wooden crayons. How about you dear reader? Do you do any colouring? Do you have any tips for me?  If you don't do any colouring, do you have any favourite hobbies?

Thanks for stopping by! 


Jeanie said...

Oh my! You have blooms! We're all wondering about March, too. I don't color as such (except for what I draw) but I'm glad that they have adult coloring books. My only tip -- get good markers!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I used to do adult coloring books with wooden pencils a long time ago. It was a nice change from reading. I do online jigsaw puzzles occasionally now.

March is a heart breaker in Oklahoma. We saw it is in like a lion and out like a lamb.

diane b said...

You are lucky to have cherry blossoms. We still have very hot weather. My girls who came from the cooler southern state of Victoria find it very hot and humid here in Queensland. WE have to have the aircon on 24/7. Hopefully it will cool down in March.
I have done some adult colouring. It is very relaxing. I prefer coured pencils. Now I do puzzles on line. My main hobby is photography and at the moment i'm scanning all my old photos and making them into photo books.
Your dish sounded delicious.

Barb said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Blogging has been so irregular for me, and sometimes I miss posts of people I love visiting. I'm glad you commented on my post, I really love seeing you there. The chicken recipe looks delicious! I love brussel sprouts and have a bag of fresh ones in the fridge that need to be used, this would be a perfect recipe for them! I love to draw, crochet, take photos and would really like to learn how to quilt. Your coloring book looks like a beautiful one! Show us the page when you are done, I would love to see it! Have a great first day of March! Barb

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