A Good Week

It's been a busy, fun and tiring week with my niece.  We went to see two movies, "Despicable Me 2" and "Man of Steel".  Both of these movies couldn't be more different from the other but they were both entertaining in their own ways.  We laughed at the little minions in Despicable Me 2 and my niece almost split a gut laughing hysterically when the minions sang "YMCA" by the Village People. My niece and I love superheros of all kinds, including Superman. I thought the movie might be too serious and not entertaining enough for her.  She did get very wrapped up in the movie plot, shaking her fists at the villains who tried to kill Kal-El (the name Superman was given at birth by his parents on the planet Krypton).

In addition to going to movies, we managed to make two trips to the beach front.  One on of our trips, we stopped at a foot reflexology place before going for dinner.  My niece told me the day before that she wanted a foot massage. I didn't take her seriously because I know she doesn't like to be touched and her feet are ticklish.  While I was having my feet done, she surprised me by also having her feet massaged in the next room, lol.  After that we went for fish and chips before heading to the beach to relax and make sure my niece was able to dip her feet in the water.

It was quite an experience for her to walk barefoot in the shifting sands with all kinds of dried, prickly seaweed, small stones and shells. Her balance is not good at the best of times and her foot muscles are not strong or used walking in the outdoors without shoes.  She was very proud of herself after managing to take a walk along the beach to the water and back.  I was proud of her too because she struggled to keep her balance  but she made it.  Afterward, her feet were very dusty from the sand.  To make her laugh I told her she had "ghost feet". She thought that was very funny. 

We stayed home on the weekend as our first few days out were not only very long but very hot.  We were both tired and needed a bit of recovery.  I spent Saturday getting the kitchen cleaned and preparing salads for the the day as well as preparing for a small birthday celebration we were to have on Sunday.

On Monday we went to Granville Island and had fun walking around & eating ice cream.  It was a hot day but under the bridge by the waterfront there always seems to be a nice breeze.

After spending a few hours walking around, we decided we should have a bite to eat because we wouldn't be home for some time.  We still had some sightseeing to do, a ferry boat ride and two buses to take before getting home!

The Inukshuk  is always a lovely sight against the waterfront.
This is the small water bus that we took to downtown. From there we caught a small bus along Beach Avenue and saw a lot of the waterfront from the window.  The little bus eventually connected to the bus we needed to come home on.  The bonus was that we had a great little tour of the beachfront.

Tuesday was our last day together and we went to a local park and had a mini picnic. While at the park, my nephew came by with a football and played catch with his sister. It was nice to watch them have fun together. After that we went for a nice long walk and ended with a small sundae before coming home to get her bags packed.  The week went by quickly but we enjoyed our short time together.

We ended the day with this beautiful sunset.

This is my submission to Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. A foot massage sounds like heaven. I love the beach and a picnic is fun! The last sunset shot is beautiful. Great photos, have a happy day!

  2. It's always great to spend time with family hey Penny ... and Fish & Chips by the water ... mmmmm

    I'm a Batman Fan ... :)

  3. Love that sunset. N hates his feet being touched but he has peripheral neuropathy, I could spend all day having my feet massaged, love it. Have a good day. Diane

  4. A happy week for you. A beautiful sunset for us. Many posts lately have beautiful red sunsets; must be something in the air.

  5. glad you have enjoyed time with your niece.

  6. The foot massage sounded wonderful. It sounds like you had a great time together. Do you think if she was regularly able to walk on the beach it would strengthen her muscles? That is definitely some good exercise on the ankles and legs Your last photo is absolutely stunning!

    1. Hi Lynda, we did have a good time together :-) I do think regular beach walking would help her with strengthening. She doesn't live near the beach so this isn't possible. Thanks for your lovely comment on my sunset photo. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Blessings. xx

  7. Wonderful shots from the beach front. I liked that last shot.

  8. I liked the fiery sky! The setting sun does give us wonderful sights!

  9. That last shot...oooh la la!!! Gorgeous!!!

  10. Beautiful, I love this fun place! Greetings!

  11. Great shots at the beach. Sounds like a fun week.

  12. Lovely sky and beautiful blues! We loved Despicable Me 2 too!

  13. A lovely, fiery red sunset and a great week with your niece - sounds like a week well spent to me! Wishing you a good weekend.

  14. It sounds like a delightful day at the beach front with your niece! That final shot of the rosy sunset is stunning!


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