A Day for Planting

The weather continues to be a bit unsettled here. After a couple of glorious days I really thought the heavy rains were a thing of the past but i was wrong.

Sunday was very gray and the rains came down quite heavily. I couldn't do any of the gardening I planned. 

What a difference a day makes. The sky cleared up considerably on Monday and I started planting my container garden.

I made some progress but I still have a lot to do.

This Solomon's Seal below is one of my favourite plants in the garden and one of the few perennials that I planted and kept for years. 

These hostas are a new addition to the garden. I planted 12 bulbs last year. Some in container boxes and some in the garden plot. Only 7 of the hostas sprouted this year.

Petunias are something I usually buy in a hanging basket but this year I bought a bunch of starter plants and put them in one of my colourful pots. It was a lot less expensive than purchasing a hanging basket which I never hang anyway as I've got no where to hang it.

This green leafy thing is sprouting. I can't tell if it is a plant or a weed. Does anyone know.

Joining in with Our World Tuesday this week.

Happy May!


  1. Your garden is looking so lovely my friend.

  2. It looks like you are getting off to a great start. My wife has been busy preparing to plant a bunch of flowers.

  3. That is such a wise thing to do. I am inspired to spend some time among my balcony plants.

  4. We're also having a gloomy week. Pouring and pouring. When I see your plants I've an impulse to do botanical prints with the beautiful leaf shapes.
    Wish you glorious days ahead.

  5. Your garden is looking amazing, the hostas look so healthy.I have never had any luck with them, mine all ways end up as slug food.Glad the weather is behaving is better for you x

  6. Flirts in petal skirts. I fall for them every time.

  7. You are going to have one beautiful container garden!

  8. What a difference a day makes - maybe I should use that in a song!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Your hostas are further along than ours. As for the green leafy thing...my first reaction was weed - but it is so light colored (most of our weeds are darker)...I am curious what others think.

  10. It is so fun when the sun pops out and you can get our hands in some dirt.

  11. IT doesn't even look like the same place, after the rain !


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