Monday, August 28, 2017

At Long Last

Well I never knew it would turn out this way.

A few years ago I embarked on a journey to get better vision and get rid of glasses and contacts. That way I could feel freer to learn how to swim.

I investigated Lasik surgery but was too chicken to move forward. The reason being the jury was out on whether I was a good candidate. I had been to 3 surgeons. One pronounced me a suitable candidate but I swear the man was under the influence of alcohol when I met with him and I could not feel comfortable with his assessment. This was borne out when I met with the 2nd doctor who found me to be an unsuitable candidate for Lasik. The medical staff did explain to me why I wasn't a good candidate but I didn't understand the jargon. I guess the bottom line is I wasn't a suitable candidate.  This made me trepidatious.  I cannot remember what the 3rd eye surgeon said. I only remember that I was not comfortable going forward with Lasik surgery.

Later when I mentioned my experience to my eye specialist where I visit once a year for diabetic follow up, he suggested I get cataract surgery. Though I wasn't yet an advanced case I have enough cataract build up to make me a candidate if I so chose. He said I  might as well get it over with since I will need it at some point anyway.  It made sense but I thought about it for another year. Why the delay you might ask.

In the meantime I developed a retinal tear, unrelated to diabetes according to the 2nd eye specialist who repaired it. So I had that treated and several follow up appointments to deal with it. This new eye specialist told me I should not go forward with the cataract surgery. What a dilemma!

I thought about it for another year. In the end I decided I would get the surgery. Over that year I could tell my vision had changed and was getting cloudy.  I wasn't sure if it was because of better blood glucose management and improved vision thus the need for changing my eye prescription,  or if the cataracts were getting worse. My optometrist told me it was likely because of better blood glucose management. The eye surgery coordinator told me it was because my cataracts were growing.

In any case, I decided it was better to move forward now that blurriness was occurring more frequently and I was past the immediate issues of the retinal tear.  I also know that at some point everyone needs cataract surgery and people seem to be getting younger and younger who need it.

I have a Kenyan friend who is still quite young and just had surgery last year.  I am still relatively young as far as cataract surgery goes but this will save me the bother of getting this common surgery when I am old and not necessarily as mobile. Years of experience with needing to help my late mother go to doctors, including eye surgeons and so on, helped me make a decision,  Of course I also wanted to be free of contacts and glasses. I will still need reading glasses. I opted not to go for specialty lenses which the doctor said are harder to fit and if they need to be redone it is difficult as the lens needs to come out in pieces.  Much harder than putting them in.

A few weeks ago I had the first eye done and it went very well. However at the same time I developed vertigo due to inner ear fluid. In running errands I was almost passing out at times. That was a bit scary and prompted me to see the doctor last Friday for  assessment. I get my 2nd eye done today and my last visit to the eye surgeon should be in another month with two appointments and many eye drops in between visits.  I have to say I am looking forward to it (pun intended).

If you are thinking about cataract surgery or have a parent or friend you need to help get to their surgical appointments you may wish to read more here.

 (Update:  I've just come home from the 2nd eye surgery. I must say it is more uncomfortable than the first go around. The eye specialist said it is often that way. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow so hopefully all will look okay with the eye. For now it feels like there is something in there. I guess there is. A new lens! But last time the "fit" was somewhat more comfortable.  Last time too it was a resident doctor and my eye specialist supervised and walked me through it. Today she worked alone. In both instances I was offered medication. In this case, Ativan for anxiety. I declined because of the addictive nature of the drug and I also didn't want to be under the influence for several hours afterward. Though I was a bit anxious prior to surgery I felt I could manage, and I did.)

End of summer garden.
The summer has just flown by and I have been so very busy trying to catch up after many months of doing very little. My garden never fully got planted but what I did plant I enjoyed. Now as the summer wanes I am already missing the colour.

Have a great week ahead everyone.  I'll be seeing you.

 Soon I shall be back to visit your blogs, comment and reply.


  1. I'm so glad you had a happy outcome...very best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Good for you! It's always hard to take on one of those tasks we know will help but don't seem much fun or very pleasant. Sorry the second is a bit more uncomfy but I think in the end you will be so glad you did it. In fact, I think you already are!

  3. Dearest Penny, I'm so glad you got through the second eye surgery albeit with more discomfort. I hope and pray you are feeling better even as you read this comment. Well done on taking the plunge to have this surgery done. Now you'll soon take the plunge and be swimming in no time. Bless you dear friend. Jo (PS I'm madly trying to get my business plan up for my shop and the owner of the house / accommodation venture I'm about to undertake. I'll try to complete my mail to you soon. Thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragement there as well. xx

  4. I think you will be pleased with your eye work! Your flowers remain lovely.

  5. Glad it went well - I've heard of several people who had this done and had good outcomes - maybe me someday!

  6. I am very happy that it went well! Take good care of yourself, and your flowers are so pretty.

  7. So glad your surgery went well and it will open up all sort of possibilities for you. Your garden is a smashing space, and a lovely retreat xxx

  8. Happy to hear that everything went on well. Take care of your health. You have a beautiful small garden.

  9. You are very brave to undergo eye surgery. Everyone I know who has done so has been quite thrilled with the results.

    Your patio garden is lovely. My garden always starts well in the spring but it gets so hot here that I just don't go outside to do any weeding. As a result, only the very toughest plants have prospered in spite of me. I look forward to cool weather so that I can get some weeding done.

    I will picture you sitting on your lovely patio with your new, improved vision!


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