Kenya Missions of Hope: Floods Cause Loss of Life and Lots of Damage

There has been so much damage and loss of life in Kenya due to floods. Just this weekend, flooding struck near where Jonah from Missions of Hope is staying. He went to survey the damage.  You can read the story by clicking the link below.  As always, our hearts go out to these people who have so little and are struck by yet more calamity.

Kenya Missions of Hope: Floods Cause Loss of Life and Lots of Damage: "Three people are missing while close to 40 families have been left homeless in Nakuru town after their homes were swept by raging floods o...

Such a beautiful and dignified looking mama. She holds a lot of the experiences of a hard life in her eyes.


  1. Penny,
    My thoughts and prayers are with Jonah and the people in Kenya who are affected by this flooding.I pray for the strength of Jesus to reach to the very core of these people. May God use us to be his hands and feet!

    1. Thank you dear Brenda! We appreciate your prayers.


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