Sunday, May 27, 2012

Patio Make Over Unveiled

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, 
food and medicine for the soul. 

~ Luther Burbank 

The garden is not fully planted but these container pots will remain more or less the same. The blue pot is a newer addition to the grouping. I've planted some colourful geraniums in them. I can't wait for the proliferation of blooms.
 The repainting of the patio table and chairs was completed during this week of sunshine and warmer weather.  Just in time too as it is supposed to rain tonight and for much of the week.  The metal parts of the set used to be hunter green. Now they are a dark milk chocolate.The patio cushions won't be left out in the rain for at least this first year of wear. They last a little longer that way even if I have to remember to bring them in out of the rain. I purchased a chair cover for the winter months when we get even more rain. I've never used one before. I hope it works!

I will try to post more photos later if my garden "takes".
It would be nice to be surrounded by healthy gardens this summer if we ever get the right balance of sun and rain. I need all the help I can get ;-)

I also have some wonderfully awesome news.  A friend of mine in NC has been dealing with cancer for over a year and has tumours in various parts of her body.  The prognosis didn't look too encouraging but just yesterday she wrote and told  me that the tumours in her kidneys and liver which were to be removed surgically are now gone!!! That's just the most awesome news I've heard in awhile. God is good and I continue to pray for others who need a healing touch. May God bless you and encourage you if you are reading this and are in need of healing.  Keep on praying and believing.

I also found this awesome daily audio bible podcast which makes it easier to get into the word. If you'd like to try it, please go to

Happy week ahead to all of you.


Vores have said...

Hello Joyful.
Great pictures you show of both flowers and the "balcony".
Fun to watch pansy plants / geraniums at you too.
Flowers like almost everyone in Denmark buy.
Thanks for your comment on my blog ..... just pt. we have "heat wave" in Denmark, sunshine and above 25 degrees.
Wishing you a good second Pentecost.
Hugs Hanne Bente

OneStonedCrow said...

Very Nice Penny - I hope that you are surrounded by much colour this summer ... sadly I lack Green Fingers so I can't offer any advice ...

... and may there be lots of Sunshine on your patio ... :)

Denise said...

Really lovely.

Roan said...

I like the chocolate brown. I'm sure the flowers will flourish. Nice DIY makeover.

Diane said...

Your patio is going to look great, pansies always give a great show. So pleased about your friend cancer victims do survive from time to time, Lance Armstrong is my role model. Take care Diane

Susan said...

Ohhhh, your patio plants look lovely and the chairs and table look great, too. Super job! Nice and neat. Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog. Loved having you visit. Susan

Style-Delights said...

Love these plants and colorful flowers! Your patio looks so beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
PS. New post is up, come check out my blog whenever you have a chance!
Style-Delights Blog

Brenda Green said...

Dear Friend,
The little plants, the patio, and the furniture looks great. good job!
Also the daily audio Bible was very nice, thanks for the link.
May that garden and patio bring you much peace and joy! love me

Icy BC said...

Wow..that looks like a nice patio, and a great place to sit relaxing, drinking lemonade, and watching bird take a dip. I'm coming :-)

Pat said...

Your patio looks beautiful. You did a great job on the remodel! I saved "Daily Audible Bible" in my favorites. Thanks for the link, Penny!

Kranky Granny said...

I believe that you can start to use your chair covers today and will be happy with the results. I am starting the sixth summer for my set. The first summer I did not cover them at all. I was never good about bringing them inside and gave up trying to remember. I purchased the covers for that winter. Since then I keep them covered when not in use. I am still using the same set of cushions and they look fine. I did repaint my set last summer with a clear coat because the medal lost its shine in our extreme heat. I am on my third set of chair covers though. My first set was thin and cheap and started to rip after the first winter. So I now know to buy a good heavy grade canvas with a plastic water tight liner. I got three full years from the second set and just replaced them this spring again. They were still water tight and usable but had gotten so faded and stained that I wanted a prettier set. I found lots of uses for the old one so they are still in use in other places around my house. I used one to cover up my wheelbarrow to keep it from rusting, one stays folded in the car so that I can use it to protect the car when I haul plants or other dirty items.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

What a lovely patio. The planters top!

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