Our Outreach to the Slums


I've been wanting to update you on Mama Linet and her family for some time. You may remember that she is the young mom whom we helped start a charcoal business so she could help to provide for her family. Jonah has recently come from a visit to her so please have a look at his update by clicking on the link below. If you could leave a comment too that would be nice.

I will be away for awhile visiting elderly relatives. I don't have many posts scheduled during my trip so I would recommend having a look back at some of my posts in 2012. You can simply click the "Older Posts" button below this post or check the side bar on the right and investigate the archives. I hope to catch up with you soon.

Kenya Missions of Hope: Our Outreach to the Slums: Hello, We had a short time this week where we visited with Linet and her family to check on their progress. I was so excited to see the...

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