A True Missionary Heart: Eva Tonui

Mrs. Eva Tonui (click on the link below to read her story)
Kenya Missions of Hope: Missionary Eva: Hello friends, I have some words to encourage you this week. At 59 years of age, Mrs Eva Tonui is a self-sponsored missionary to an ...


  1. Hello Penny, I read her story and what a wonderful lady, she understands and cares for others. My mother used to support the hospital in Africa where they help woman after grouse circumcisions.. A worthy cause.

  2. Such beautiful kind hearted lady is Eva, and all the others who give their time to help other in need. We have to keep the missionary people in our special prayers, because sometimes they are called to remote "warn torn" villages where they put their own life in danger!

  3. How encouraging! What a beautiful, strong woman!

  4. dall'Italia un caloroso saluto....ciao

  5. May God sweetly bless this precious woman.


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