March in Pictures

Dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well. I have had a slow March in many ways compared to the norm. I've needed to get caught up on my rest this month.

But alas it is that time of year when major bills must be paid and taxes must be prepared so that wakes me up a bit, lol.

This month I tried a few new bread, soup and banana bread recipes. I had good success.

It has been raining a lot here and still a bit chilly. But the sunshine is starting to return at long last.

These mosaics give a hint of the month of March around these parts.  I hope you like them.  

We had a lot of rain this month and snow on the mountains but the sunshine is returning.

 Have a wonderful week.

By the way I invite you to read my sidebar "Go Fund Me" project to help Elvis in Kenya. Would you keep him in prayer? Thanks so much!

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  1. Lovely collages. Hope you're feeling more rested.

  2. The breads look good and March looks cold still. Hoping for warmer weather for you. :)

  3. I enjoyed your 'wrap up' of March in photo collages. The snow capped mountains ... so beautiful!!! And your new me, that looks like a very productive month!!!

  4. I love the mosaic posting of photos. Your breads and soups look yummy. Too bad we have no smell button yet but i bet someone is working on that.

  5. I enjoyed seeing your views of March. Love the two photos of the church (steeple). I enjoyed visiting through MM.

  6. Interesting skies, and very good food. Now April will actually warm us up a bit--we've made it through another winter.

  7. Pretty pictures...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing your month with us.

  9. You breads and soups look yummy. Thanks for stopping by my post and commenting. - Margy

  10. Such nice photos of March.
    The bread looks so good :)

  11. Hi Joyful! That's one of the joys of blogging, isn't it? We all have little time capsules of our lives. Maybe it seemed like a slow month, but you did a lot!

  12. I love making soup in the winter. In a few months it will be time for soup making here again. Enjoy your start to spring and have a wonderful weekend ahead. And thankyou for stopping by my blog this week.

  13. Soup and bread is simple but keep warm. Hope you have a nice weekend.


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