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I've been spending too much time in the kitchen again in an attempt to get my blood sugar level lowered.

I don't know why but it seems I have to work so much harder than anyone else I know with diabetes just to drop my glucose levels even slightly. Alas, that means getting back on the food kick. It takes so much time to manage diabetes properly but I'm learning it is oh so necessary.

I've read along the way that dandelion leaves are good for you so I purchased some this week and decided to make a salad.  It thought it was quite good and plan to make it again.

Dandelion-Beet-Romaine Salad

  • washed and shredded or torn romaine lettuce leaves
  • washed and torn dandelion leaves
  • washed, peeled and chopped baby beets
  • washed and shredded green cabbage
  • washed and shredded pear
  • raw pumpkin seeds

  • few spoonfuls of hot mustard
  • few splashes of apple cider vinegar
  • a few drops of honey 

Place all vegetables in a large bowl. Use as much of eat of the vegetables as you would like. Shake together the dressing and toss the vegetables together. Sprinkle the pumpkin seeds on top and enjoy.

Note: The dandelion leaves and the beets can have a strong taste so the honey in the dressing and the pear in the salad help to balance the flavours.

I made a roast chicken with heirloom (colourful) baby carrots and chick peas. Some of the chicken was for Friday's lunch. For dinner I made stir fried chick peas/cabbage/zucchini/garlic, curry chicken and couscous. Usually I like curry chicken but today I'm afraid it didn't sit well with me. My digestive system is sensitive and there are some days I cannot stomach certain foods. I think I need to start on a course of digestive enzymes and see if it helps.

I'm not quite sure what is on the menu for Saturday. I'm thinking a lunch of lentil soup and for dinner some boiled yams and the rest of the curry sauce. Somewhere in there will be a green salad or at least some spinach mixed into the lentils.  I'm also preparing some dried kidney beans to make a stew for Sunday or later in the week.

The weather was nice today but I didn't have the energy to start planting the garden or put up the new patio table. That will have to come a bit later.

Brussels sprouts and kale starter plants.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing, appreciate you. I totally understand about blood sugar levels. Take care, love you.

  2. I'm sorry you are having this problem Joyful! These past couple of days we are hearing reports over here that coffee is good for lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetics - 3 or 4 cups a day - if your stomach can take that!!! Over the years there have been so many conflicting reports on various foods being either good or bad for us, but they seem to also keep moving the goal posts so how can one know what is right!
    Your salad looks a healthy one and your other recipes sound good too! I hope you can soon get onto an even keel - all the best with it! Love, Joy xo

  3. The weather is taking too long to come around!

  4. Sounds like you are working hard on your food choices and preparation. It all looks so green! I always wanted to be someone who knew how to cook with ingredients that grew wild or in your garden. Dandelion tea and elderflower fritters! Maybe one day when I have the time.... this life is so full of wonderful experiences. We can't do it all and choices have to be made I suppose. Energy levels are the thing aren't they. it's frustrating but I suppose we have to learn to develop patience and be happy in the moment. Boy but it's hard and I am pretty healthy. Touch wood. I can only imagine what it is like to live with an illness that restricts your actions. I suppose everything is sent to us for a reason. Hope you get your jobs done soon and are feeling more energetic. xx

  5. I think you have the correct approach to stabilise your diabetes, your salad looked very healthy for you.Hope you continue to find ways to help your self x

  6. Hi Joyful! My parents-in-law used to eat dandelion leaves in salad too. I think they made wine with them as well. I know that they are a bit bitter. I'm sure the honey helps.
    Good for you for keeping an eye on your diabetes. I'm sure it's frustrating to keep up on, but I'm glad you are. And you are planning for a healthy future with those brussels sprouts and kale!

  7. I had diabetes type 2, diagnosed in May 2010, land was on meds (diabetes, blood pressure, & Cholesterol). Sep 2 2011 I adopted the Whole Plant Based Foods & No Oils Way of Eating. In one month was off ALL meds, still am 2-2/3 years later, lost 50 pounds without trying. Will be on this Way of Eating for the rest of this life. Read China Study by Colin T Campbell PhD, and Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn MD. No meats, poultry, or fish, no oils/fats, No dairy, No Eggs.

  8. My blood sugar wouldn't drop until I cut my carbs way down. My favorite place to visit for help is


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