Friday, November 24, 2017

A Special Day Under a Vancouver Sky

My family had a special day today. 

My nephew graduated with his Masters in Arts in Psychology.
Graduation ceremonies take place over 3 consecutive days twice per year. Each day there are 3 separate ceremonies.
My nephew's was the 2nd ceremony of the 2nd day which seemed fitting given it is his 2nd degree. It was also the best time weatherwise over the 3 day period.

The crowd assembles in the beautiful Chan Centre.

Ph.D. graduates are seated in their fushia and blue robes at the back  of the stage behind the professors and dignataries. The fuschia looks red in the photo but the UBC website says the colour is maroon.

The Mace is carried by the ‘Macebearer’ who leads the Platform Party, which includes the Chancellor, the President, and other dignitaries, onto the stage for the Congregation ceremonies.

 In the fall of 1957, the University commissioned the late Haida carver Bill Reid to undertake the project of carving the mace. Due to Reid’s heavy workload, he suggested that George Norris be asked to help design and carve the Mace. The planning of the Mace took some time and a final design was not approved until 1959.
(Source:  UBC Website)

The mace is made of yew wood and has west coast carved designs as well as inlaid copper.

President Santa Ono addresses the crowd. He was born in Vancouver but comes to us from Chicago, Illinois.

Vancouver has been having a deluge of rain for the last few days. Miraculously today the rain stopped, the clouds parted a bit and we even had sunshine. A much nicer way to celebrate the graduation as all the graduates like to take photos outside.

After photos we all trekked to the Robert H. Lee Alumni Center.  Along the way I snapped photos of the clock tower which used to be where the main library was located.

The stone building behind the tower is the former library. I spent many hours working there as a student.

An eastern view of Wesbrook Mall a pedestrian mall for approximately 4-5 city blocks.

A new totem pole on campus. I didn't have time to find out its significance. Perhaps it is welcoming people to campus.

The new alumni centre, made of glass, is pictured in photo below.  There the new graduates and their families were treated to complimentary cake (vanilla or chocolate), coffee and water. The chocolate cake was pronounced delicious by our family party. No one tried the vanilla but I'm sure it was also delicious.

Graduates were each given a complimentary glass of wine if they chose.  They were also permitted to keep the glass as a keepsake. Etched on the stemware are the words "UBC Alumni".

All in all we had a lovely day with my nephew. He is now currently working on his Ph. D. And an exceedingly busy young man.



 I may not get a chance to visit you in the next little while as I am having major computer issues which I will need to sort out.

Happy Thanksgiving
to all my American friends who celebrate.


  1. Hello, so happy for your nephew on his graduation. I wish him all the best! Pretty view of the tower and sky. I love the totem pole. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Convocations are an exciting time. I went to ne of mine and one of my daughters.

  3. What a wonderful day! Congratulations to your nephew on his achievement.His face is just beaming.:)
    You captured some great memories in these photos.

    I love seeing totems. I know the Reconciliation one at UBC for the horror of the residential schools but this one is new to me. So I looked it up and found this: " The central figure holds the serpent tail, symbolizing the Musqueam people holding fast to their traditions and history."
    How cool is that!

  4. A special day, thanks for sharing. - Margy

  5. A very memorable day for you and your nephew. Glad the weather cooperated. Hope your computer problems can be solved, I know how annoying they can be. I currently waiting for my new one to be delivered probably next week.

  6. Congratulations to the graduate!

  7. Penny, what an exciting day. You all had to be thrilled. Three cheers.

  8. Congratulations to your nephew! Love the clocktower shot. Funny how the higher your education level, the more ornate and bright the robes become!

  9. Congratulations to your nephew!!

  10. Congratulations to your nephew. Wonderful coverage of the graduation ceremony.

  11. Hope you have sorted out the computer issues!

    1. Thanks for your visit. I still have computer issues. I am logging on intermittently when I am allowed by my computer. I'll require a new one but that will have to wait.

  12. Congratulations to your nephew. It looked a lovely day for it. A colourful ceremony too.

  13. Always a proud moment. Kudos to your nephew for his hard work and dedication.

  14. Congratulations to your nephew!! What a lovely event. Hope you get our computer fixed soon -- that is such a hassle.


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