Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Gratitude December - Day 15

 Hello friends and fellow bloggers.

Today is Day 15 of December and also Day 15 of my December Gratitude List.

This year I was able to get my Christmas preparations done much earlier than usual without feeling rushed. I put up the tree and decorations near the end of November so I could enjoy the cosy lights all month long. I also got my Christmas cards prepared and sent in early December. The gift selection and wrapping took a bit longer but it is all done.

I've even baked a few mince tarts this year. I don't do much Christmas baking because my tendency is to eat far too much of it and I need to watch my sugar intake. I could bake and give to others but truthfully during these Covid times most people do not want such gifts, at least where I live. 



Next week I'll decide on whether we are having salmon, turkey or ham for Christmas dinner. I've already purchased a ham and if I don't bake it for Christmas Day it will appear on New Year's Day.  Of course any leftovers are saved to make ham and pea soup.

I'm grateful for all that I've been enabled to do this year and this month in particular. It gives me a preview of what I hope I can achieve in coming years as I get better organized. At one time I was super organized and efficient in everything.  Years of care giving and also personal health challenges put me in survival mode which I'm now trying to move past. 

What about you dear reader? Have your energies and abilities changed with the advancing years?

In the last several posts, I've mentioned an opportunity to bless many villagers in Kenya with a Christmas meal. If you would like to participate please click the red flower to the right of blog to be connected to Pay Pal.  We appreciate your kindness at this challenging time of year.

Last, but not least, I want to wish you and your household a very Merry Christmas. I've noticed that many bloggers are busy preparing for Christmas so not as many people are on line but I hope to post an item of gratitude for every day this month.  I may not post every day.  In those instances, I will make a note every day and post several days all at once.

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Your home looks so festive. I just love the greens on the mantel. Yes -- it's harder getting up and down the stairs these days and I find myself much slower with everything -- cards, wrapping, gifts, baking. One day at a time.


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