Gratitude December - Day 8

Today I am grateful for bonus points and store promotions.

Tuesday night I went shopping for a few items. I noticed in the flyer that they were giving fewer points than usual for certain expenditures on food.  However they were giving bonus reward redemption points.

This was good for me because I don't really need much in the way of food at the moment but I did need to stock up on things like laundry detergent, tin foil, cling wrap, zip loc bags, condiments and so on.  As of yesterday I had just over 18000 points or about $30 Canadian in my account.  Today those points were worth $50. Canadian.

This small haul cost $95.95 Canadian. After $50 discount I paid $46.32 ($45.95 + $.27 GST + $.10 PST) for a total of $46.32 Canadian. I had a balance of $7.56 remaining on a gift card I purchased so the balance payable was $38.76. Groceries have become super expensive and I'll need to spend a lot more before this month is over just for the Christmas meal and if I decide to do any baking. Other than that I have a good stock of food and only need to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt.


This is the first time I've heard of or used a bonus redemption at the grocery store. Normally I see that at the pharmacy. I hope more stores implement this idea.

How about you dear reader? Do your grocery stores have bonus reward redemptions? I know couponing is a huge thing in the USA and one can get groceries for very little or for nothing at all if you know what you're doing. I don't think I'd be a good couponer but I do like taking advantage of store rewards and special offers.


Jeanie said…
I'd be grateful for that, too! Well done. I don't think we have bonus redemptions although we do have price reductions for those who have a store card.
affectioknit said…
Hi Penny,
...although I'm still not shopping in person...the app I use for online shopping loads the grocery stores I'm thankful for that too...sometimes the savings are significant...
~Have a lovely day!
Red said…
One has to be a mathematician to take advantage of these deals. Good for you to use your head.

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