Thursday, December 16, 2021

Gratitude December - Day 17

Today is Day 17 of Gratitude December  (I've increased my blog font at the request of a reader).

I'm grateful for a day in which the gray skies broke to show some blue and the sun even came out for awhile. If you live where you get a lot of snow, you probably also get a lot of sunshine even during the shorter daylight hours. Sunshine and blue sky would not generally be scarce but when you live in the rain forest, the dry days and the clear sky days are few and far between during rainy season.

I took advantage of the beautiful day and went to the Christmas Market. I'll feature the visit in another post on another day.  Today I'm featuring the beautiful sky we had both in day and in the night.  It was also relatively warm and it was so lovely to get out and about.


On the way to the Christmas Market

Fresh snow has fallen on the mountains.

Lighted sails at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Giant tree in the plaza of the Art Gallery.

Moonlight through the branches.

Back in front of the old Vancouver Convention Center.

In the last several posts, I've mentioned an opportunity to bless villagers in Kenya with a Christmas meal. If you would like to participate and help feed a village family please click the red flower to the right of blog to be connected to Pay Pal.  If you wish to read more about the initiative please click here and scroll to the bottom of the post.  We appreciate your kindness at this challenging time of year.

Joining in with Skywatch Friday this week.


  1. Hey, you read my post! Thanks for making you font size bigger as it's much easier to read. You've got some awesome photos today.

  2. Lots of beautiful photos. I like the night photography. I always appreciate larger font size!

  3. beautiful clouds and skies. The first phot is lovely

  4. Wow! Awesome Xmas time photos ~ especially the night ones ~ Xo

    Happy Day to you,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. What amazing photos of the moon through the trees and with the skyscrapers too in the shot. Quite striking. Are you using your phone camera or another type of camera? I am so impressed by that one particular photo.

    1. Hi Jan, yes, I used my camera phone to take the photos. I don't carry around my big camera anymore.


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