Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Gratitude December - Day 7

 Hi friends,

I wanted to thank those of you who have been following my daily gratitude blogs this month and especially those who left a comment. I have been having some issues with blogger for over a week now where I cannot post replies or sometimes even comments.  It took me numerous tries over 2 days to leave replies at the last post. I apologize for this if you are returning to see what I may have posted.

From time to time, I've read of other bloggers having this issue.  I've been blogging for approximately 12 years and thankfully this is the first time I've experienced a technical issue that has gone on for more than a week. I'm sure it will resolve itself in time.

Today is Day 7 of my daily gratitude challenge. I am grateful for this platform of blogging and for other free social media services. Yes, there are some cons or disadvantages to these platforms but overall they provide a service that most of us have come to rely on for various things. I love that I can 'meet' new people and keep in contact with others that I already know. It gave me a good substitute for socializing when I was unable and/or too busy with family needs. It also helped lead me to the Kenyan missions work I now do.

I'm feeling a bit tired so I will have an easy day. I'll finalize a package for shipping, maybe take a walk to the post office to mail it and buy a very few items for some planned dinners.  Dinner will also be easy. I've already prepared homemade meatballs so I can make that with sauce, spaghettini and salad. I'm also thinking of making a tuna casserole. I seldom make casseroles but I'm feeling like tuna and I have most of the ingredients. For those I don't have, I can buy or substitute with ingredients I have on hand. The main ingredient I'm missing is peas but I do have frozen carrots/peas/corn mix.  I prefer the casserole with peas alone but in the end I used what I have on hand instead of making a dash to the store. It gives me another day or two if I need it to make a store run.


The tuna casserole turned out perfectly and was very tasty. I'm still having issues posting comments. It takes me many, many tries. I won't stress about it as I'm sure it will resolve itself in time. Take care!

What's on your gratitude list or simple dinner makes?


  1. I knew you were going to be grateful when blogger works properly. It seems that there are issues that only bother a few people and then they are mysteriously repaired.

  2. I was having blogger issues for a few days too - seems to be better right now. I'm also thankful for the people I've been able to meet through blogging.

  3. Hello,
    I issues with blogger comments at times too, the problem comes and goes. Your casserole looks yummy. Take care, have a happy day!


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