Saturday, December 11, 2021

Gratitude December - Day 11

Today is Day 11 of Gratitude December.

I'm grateful for finding a new planner to help plan my days and months in 2022.

I'm the type that likes to write things down but I like to have most things in one place not in 10 different places. At the same time I don't want an overly demanding planner, one that is overly simplistic, too big or too small. 

The last few years I've wasted money on planners that I abandon after a short few weeks. They don't quite work for a variety of reasons.

I think I may have finally found one that I will actually like and use so I ordered one. I won't be able to tell how I like it until well into January but it looks awesome. Here are what the different elements of the planner look like.

I like that it comes with multiple ribbon bookmarks instead of just one.

I like that each day you can write the priorities at the top of the page and there is space for side notes

It's important to me to see the month at a glance and to have room to write in the daily boxes.

There is even space for setting out your goals for the years and longer term dreams

Extra space is included for reviewing your months, habits and daily practice as well as quarterly goals.

What about your dear reader? Do you use a written planner, an electronic one, a combination or none at all?

Does your system work well for you?


Let me take a moment here to post again about the Kenyan missions for those that missed it yesterday and because it is Christmas, the season for giving.  I would like to help the people mentioned below to enjoy a Christmas meal on Christmas Day. If you would like to help them enjoy one day this month kindly hit the Pay Pal button to the right of the screen. You can reach the direct link by hitting the red flower. Thanks so much for considering the need. If you can't give please remember them in prayer.

Rose is the mature, pregnant woman.  She is married and has several school age children.  She has had numerous challenges during this pregnancy which has required her to be hospitalized on several occasions.  She's getting close to delivery and is currently at home until labour begins.  Rose will get vaccinated after delivering her child.

Charles - He is married and has several  children. I don't assist him much except at Christmas though I'd like to do more for his family. Charles has had his vaccinations.

Ernest - He has no children.  He has diabetes and suffered several health challenges namely breaking the same leg twice and having been hospitalized due to Covid 19.  Kenya has been slow to roll out vaccinations but he has now had two vaccinations.

Livingstone - He has no children. Recently he too recovered from a broken leg and Covid 19. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation of his leg through physiotherapy and has had two vaccinations.

Elijah - He is married with 5 children and a dependent MIL.  He is the man whose coffee plantation was flooded out a few months ago when major floods forced many Kenyans from their homes.

Janet - She is married but separated and has four daughters. Her brother chased her away from her ancestral home and we've set her up in a humble store with attached living quarters. 

Pastor Jonah - He has no children. Jonah is primarily the one I work with to undertake all the responsibilities of the grassroots missions. We often work with other leaders in his church including the Lead Pastor, especially when I am in Kenya. He has had his vaccinations.

If I am able I would also like to send to the following people:

David - He is married with 2 children. I've known David for long and usually send him something at Christmas. This year I've tried to send him something as often as I can because his small tourist business was badly affected due to Covid.

Pastor Parteleu - He pastors a remote, rural village church and has had recent health challenges including undiagnosed stomach issues. He has very little financial support and has a wife and 2 children.

Sarah - She is single with 2 children. Sarah lives in Kibera slums and lost her catering job prior to Covid when her boss/employer was defrauded out of his valuable property and restaurant by high powered people.  Sara is a talented cook and caterer and has been looking for a job in that field for long. In the past I've provided her with blankets for the chilly Kenyan nights.

Amy - She is a single mom with a 2 year old toddler.  I send something for her child as often as I can. Amy has tried her hand at many different casual jobs but it has been difficult having a baby with her at all times.

Altogether there are about 40 people, men, women and children represented on this list.  It breaks my heart that the mothers and fathers cannot provide even daily food and other needs for their children and that the men cannot find employment even though they want to work.So many people live without hope and without opportunity. Doing a little for them can really help boost their spirits and give them hope that there really is a God above who loves and cares for them.  Thank you for reading.

Update:  I got wet and a bit chilled on my library run on Friday night and have developed a sneeze. I'll be taking a few days rest and resume the gratitude list when I return to blogging. My next post will contain several days of gratitude items instead of one item. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves.


  1. That looks like a fun one. I just find a really cute calendar (which I need to do) and try to keep it up. These days I don't do all that much so keeping it up is pretty easy!

  2. Enjoy using your planner.
    I have a diary that I like to use ...

    All the best Jan

  3. That's a nice organizer. I really like them, but when I have bought them, I find I don't keep up with updating them. I really should!
    I remember several of your friends from Kenya and appreciate the updates.


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