Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Gratitude December - Days 12, 13, 14, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope your December is going well. I caught a bit of a chill on Friday when I was out in the pouring rain so I'm trying to take things easy as we head into Christmas.

I'm popping in today to post 3 days of Gratitude December.

For Day 12,  I'm grateful for finishing the afghan throw which I will gift to a friend. I added 3 rounds of darker (berry colour) yarn to finish it off. Tying loose ends at the back is the job I don't enjoy.  There are a lot of  them when you use different colours or change colours often for different rounds. I'm happy with how it turned out.  The throw was a made up pattern made mostly with yarn ends from various projects. The berry colour was not leftover yarn, but yarn for which I didn't have a specific project in mind.

For Day 13, I'm grateful for this rooibos  tea from South Africa.  I drink two or three cups every night during our dark and cold nights.  It was a bit difficult to find until a few years ago when they started selling a box of Tetley Rooibos tea bags at one local grocery store. Recently I've wanted to try the loose tea again and was happy to find it in bulk at another local shop.

For Day 14, I'm grateful that I've cleared out another 8 containers from my bathroom. I have an abundance of facial products and it takes me forever to go through one container. I've been working diligently not to buy anything that I don't really need and use up what I already have. I am decluttering and the bathroom is one area that is a trouble spot hence my resolve not to buy more.

This Christmas I'm hoping to help some villagers in Kenya enjoy a Christmas meal. If you'd like to help there is a Pay Pal button on the right of this blog. Simply click the red flower to be taken to Pay Pal. If you'd like more details on the needs you may click here. Scroll to the bottom. Thank you.


  1. My daughter loves Rooibus tea. She went to Germany as a teenager and was introduced to it there.
    The blanket turned out beautiful!
    I could stand to do some decluttering in my bathroom too. I know I have extra products as well.

  2. You're making good progress in setting things to good order.


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