Monday, October 17, 2022

Tuesday 4 ~ The Four Seasons

Glad to have you back for Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

The idea is to promote blogging and friendship and allow you to get to know yourself and others through 4 questions asked each week.   

Let's talk about the seasons. Summer has just passed and we have begun our journey into autumn.

1. How would you describe each of the four seasons? 
Fall - crisp, cosy, nature, gold and orange, long shadows, bare branches, layers, spice, hot beverages, heavier food, busy, sad because winter is coming
Winter - cold, rain, heavy rain, gray, very little sunshine, short days, unpredictable, indoor activities, heavy clothes, anticipating spring
Spring - renewal, joy, new shoots, leaves unfurling, wonder, green, colourful, birds
Summer - heat, sunny, too much watering of the garden, unpredictable, wildfires

2.  How do you generally feel during each season? Do you suffer allergy, feel tired, sad, happy, energized? What does each season do for you?
Generally I feel a lot of joy and energy as soon as spring arrives.  I also feel a bit of anxiety because I'm always behind in getting the house in order and the gardens planted in readiness for summer season. I usually get behind no matter how I try. Though I love the autumn season it is also when I suffer the most with physical ailments such as cold, flu, aches and pains and stuffed nose due to allergies. I also suffer from stuffed nose and congested sinuses during spring when all the new growth happens.
Despite the physical discomforts I love both spring and fall best. Sadness also attends me (and many other locals) in the fall season because I'm sad about the coming winter.  We get very little light in our winter months and the sky seldom breaks clear.  I feel tired for much of the winter season due to the lack of light and I make a special effort to get out to concerts and movies and other social events so that I don't stay in the house for too long a stretch.  Outings are not that affordable any more but still I look for special events that are doable & affordable.  I also try and get friends to join in with me for a social outing.

3.  If there is to be only one season for you to live in, which one would it be and why?
Probably the spring season. I absolutely love the joy and happiness I get from the reawakening of nature all around me, the end of gray and dark skies, arrival of the longer, sunny days and people out and about after a winter of hibernation. It is also my favourite time of year because of the cherry blossoms that happen in April. The blossoms are just stunning and one of the great joys I look forward to each year.

4. What color(s) do you associate with summer, winter, autumn and spring?  Example: maybe summer is green, winter is white..etc.
Fall - orange, gold, yellow, red, brown, tan
Winter - gray, blue-ish gray, brown, earth tones
Spring - white, blue, light pink, dark pink, red, yellow, lavender and so on.
Summer - every colour of spring, various shades of green,blue of the water and mountains

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Susan said...

I have heard of SAD. We get plenty of sunlight in So Ca, but we burn in the summer! Sorry about your allergies. My husband goes through the same things. You did a great job with #4 and the colors!

Schotzy said...

It seems we were on much the same wavelength in our responses. Unfortunately, these old allergies plague us both, as well! They seem to drain the energy right out of me most of the time, but alas, all I’d have to do to rid myself of them is to pack up and move to another area. But we have lived here all our lives and no chance of doing that! Loved some of your descriptors…leaves unfurling, long shadows. Yes, just studying the magical changes God has provided through the seasons can be a sermon in itself!

Jeanie said...

I get gloomy in the winter -- it gets dark so early and here in Michigan, it really doesn't get sunny all that much in the winter. I love how you selected the colors!

Lori said...

You mentioned Spring...when I was home the year of Covid, it was Spring March and April. I was able to sit outside and enjoy the nice temperatures with no mosquitoes. I was able to watch the leaves turning green and the birds making nests. That was awesome. I am usually at work all day and miss those things. That was a nice part of covid shut down for me...enjoying the season of Spring. I picked Fall though. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

stardust said...

Hello. I think we have many in common regardless of our personal preferences. My favorite season is autumn for its cool, crisp air and clear, high blue skies with wispy clouds punctuated with occasional rainfall. Colors are muted in winter, but not dull at all. I see pearly glow all around. I always slow down in summer. Not only heat but also high humidity sap my energy. Luckily my grandchildren refuel me with their innocent smiles during the summer.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Spring is a lovely month here where we live, with all the flowers blooming and trees budding with fresh new green growth, and the temps are wonderful. Autumn is also wonderful with cooler temperatures and everything seems to have a golden glow. Winter is brown and blah here, but normally it is rather mild compared to northern zones. Summer is too hot, too humid, too buggy. I really am not a summer fan...and fans aren't must have AC to survive summer here in Florida! LOL. I enjoyed your answers. When we lived in New England I could not bear the winter long dark nights and long months of cold. It was rather depressing for me too. I was glad when we finally decided to move back to FLorida where we grew up and where our "home" was. It's no wonder so many northerners come to Florida for the winters.

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