Monday, May 20, 2024

Tuesday 4 ~ Books

Welcome back to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

Books are such a big part of many people's lives. Maybe we should talk about that.

1. Do you have some books in your home? If so what subjects are they? Which is
your favorite?

Oh my, do I have books! Yes, I do. My husband says I have books all over the place and on every corner and surface. Even though I got rid of at least 100 books just before the Covid pandemic and very seldom buy a new one, I still have too many books to accommodate well in our living space. 

Subjects are wide ranging. I have all kinds of novels from classic to contemporary, novels from authors around the world, art books, history books, science and self help books, Christian story books, Christian bibles and study books.  I also have a lot of self help books, cooking books, DIY books, children's books, craft books and so much more.  Based on the statistics produced when I log my reading material, I found out that my favourite genre is historical fiction.

2. Do you enjoy browsing around in bookstores ? Do you have a favorite you like to go to?

I really love browsing in bookstores. I used to make an afternoon on weekend specifically to go to a favourite bookstore and browse the aisles. My favourite book stores always had seats and tables to sit at and examine a book more closely before buying.  In those days there were many great bookstores large and small. These days they are fewer in number and they no longer have comfy seats and tables.  I realize in answering this question, that I haven't
actually browsed in a bookstore for many years. Mainly it's because I stopped buying new books and magazines many years ago already because I always got carried away with too many purchases.  

If I do purchase a 'new to me' book, it's usually something I've purchased on line or in  used book or thrift store. That way I don't feel any regrets when I finish reading them and want to gift them to charity.  It also means I don't contribute to my already plentiful book library.

3. Do you think real books are clutter or do you just love having them around you?

I love having books around and it's hard to discipline myself from buying them. Since most of my book purchases these days are gently used, I sometimes go on a bit of buying binge.  I even stop at the mini book libraries in the neighbourhood when I'm out for walks. Not too often though because with the sheer number of books I already have, and the number of books I borrow, I no longer feel such a great need to have them around me. I do feel that what I currently own is largely clutter and I'd like to whittle down the number of books I own.  I've given away a lot of books and I need to get better organized so I can add some to the mini libraries in the neighbourhood. Does your neighbourhood have a little library box where you can drop off books or take books for free?

4. What is the oldest book you've read and what is the newest book you've read or are reading.

I guess the oldest book I've read is the Bible and also Shakespearean works. Believe or not my English 12 teacher introduced our class to Chaucer and other writers of old. He even covered the history of the Bible. He was a wonderful English man and I felt like I was in a university class. The newest book I've read was published in February 2024. It was a very poignant story which I reviewed here.


Jeanie said...

These are fun answers, Penny. (And I agree books are never clutter!)

Susan said...

I used to one a set of classics. My nephew has them now. Books are another item that ties me to my parents and siblings. I have one granddaughter that is an avid reader and likes the classics.

Mevely317 said...

Wow, I can so relate to everything you said in #2 ... particularly, never be in a hurry! I sort of miss those times.

Kirstin said...

I am super behind on commenting from last week, uggh! I loved your answers. I'm trying to limit my book buying right now. I do love picking up books at used stores. New are just so expensive. I also use the library. I visit the little free libraries and keep a few books in my car to leave, should I find one to take. I also like offering my books to friends on FB, if it's not one I want to keep.

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