Kericho's Kids Happy to Receive

From time to time, I feature a story and photos on the Missions of Hope, a small grassroots Christian outreach in Kericho, Kenya.

It is my privilege and joy to help these children in any way that I can. Most recently, I was able to send some small gift to help with school supplies as children headed back to school last month.

If any of you can help a child, especially one at the higher grade levels, they would be so appreciative. I firmly believe that education is the key to helping people help themselves and to break the cycle of poverty. Now I'd like to share the brief report and wonderful photos from Pastor Jonah.


We are praising God for the provision of the school supplies that he provided for us through Joyful servant. What a blessing it is to have these provisions and give them to those children in real need. It was lots of joy as we completed this wonderful mission.

I am moved a lot when I go from one home to another to meet these kids; all of them with a great future in their minds.Continue praying for each one of them so that one day, they can help others.

Blessings to you all.


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